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Re: 04 titan 4 MPG increase

Originally Posted by jdmartin View Post
I'd try it, but I can't follow the logic of why it would work. I suppose if the engine was lugging really bad at 45mph in 5th it could work, but other than that it doesn't make sense - you're increasing RPM's at a given speed. All else being equal, more Revolutions Per Minute = more gasoline (think about it, it takes gasoline to fire in the combustion chamber to drive the crankshaft). Generally the best gas mileage, aside from going downhill when injectors are turned off and rolling force takes over, is the fastest speed possible at the lowest RPM's possible.

I think you'd have to have a significant number of fill-ups and tests before it could be reliably assumed to work. I know everyone wants to increase gas mileage with gas pushing 4 bucks, but this doesn't sound promising to me. Not trying to be a killjoy, just realistic.

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