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: Titan Problems & Dealer Service

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  1. Wobly steering shaft
  2. Small gas leak
  3. air bubbles in power steering canister....
  4. Any good Nissan Service dept. in Houston Area
  5. Titan won't start when cold, gauges flutter
  6. Front carpet/pad soaked on drivers side front..
  7. 2009 making buzzing noise when stopped
  8. Why is my rig so slow? 10 sec 0-60. Videos inside
  9. Battery draining
  10. 2011 titan idpm?
  11. AC Auto temp control problem
  12. Tapping sound only at startup
  13. Total power loss while driving
  14. Transmission and/or ABS problem?
  15. cranks over and stays on and watch my rpm drop...shut down
  16. DIFF LOCK and ABS lights coming on
  17. Popping and vibrations
  18. Titan P0300 and Glowing Red Manifolds
  19. electric problem in mirrors,drivers seat and interior lights
  20. Dreaded P0430 Error
  21. Hi all, I have a 2005 Titan LE and I am getting the p1757 and p1757p codes.
  22. Cabin light dilemma...
  23. Testing ABS sensors
  24. 2006 4WD - Front Wheel Bearing Keeps Failing
  25. High trans temps?
  26. Service Engine Soon light on - possible wheel sensor?
  27. Brake light and Traction control light on
  28. Code P1283
  29. Sun Roof Malfunction
  30. Crankshaft Sensor
  31. engine shaking, rough idle, check engine light flashing, all 8 cylinders missfiring
  32. 2015 Titan w/rust on control arms
  33. Rear speakers not working on CC LE??
  34. No dash light and Titan won't start??
  35. A/C and heater issues
  36. Slight vibration felt on steering wheel and brake while in gear at a stop
  37. Titan 4WD issues
  38. Rattling in the cab... driving me crazy!
  39. Transmission Issue: Truck will not accelerate.
  40. Power Mirrors Do not Work
  41. Body part ID
  42. Rear end howling
  43. '05 Titan water drained onto passenger floor and no heat
  44. 07 nissan titan won't start
  45. Quality control 😕
  46. Several problems, i need some advice!
  47. headlight filler problems
  48. Back flow while filling gas tank
  49. Gas gauge stopped working and Code P0463 fuel tank level sensor-Voltage High
  50. SES lights goes on when...
  51. Tire Pressure Light Turning on, no audible beep
  52. Heater Core Help
  53. Cabin Air Filter Causing Overheating?
  54. Problem with tailgate not closing. Need replacement part #.
  55. Strange AC issue
  56. OEM Backup camera issues
  57. Transmission Issue P0717-P1752
  58. Really odd brake issues
  59. 05 titan p0300
  60. Website to get all truck info from my VIN?
  61. Stumbling a little on cold start
  62. Transmission in failsafe. ECU reset after battery cleaning. ATF level looks OK.
  63. sonar button
  64. air is not blowing out of front vents
  65. Factory Spray In Bed Liner - Spongy
  66. Compressor stopped working
  67. Steering wheel controls going out/ horn
  68. Brake lights and running lights not working
  69. Warm Transmission Shifts Late
  70. cracked manifold causting p0420 and p0430
  71. Ipdm-ecm
  72. So many problems with my titan
  73. Intermittent dead T
  74. Shot shifting back into Park
  75. All "won't start" issues
  76. Transmission rough when slowing down
  77. Need ideas for a stuck bolt
  78. oldflattop
  79. ECM help
  80. Titan starving for fuel with 8 gals left?
  81. Truck will not start after changing starter
  82. Shimmy, vibrations, and bumpsteer - coil orientation???
  83. Loud noise coming from front end while coasting (video link)
  84. Over heating 2004 titan
  85. 07 Titan will not start
  86. Hands-free phone switches to radio during call
  87. What breaches our factory warranties?
  88. AC wont blow through the front vents
  89. A/C won't blow cold
  90. Stuck in 4WD, slip light, no 4wd indicators on
  91. front diff bearing
  92. Power Steering line leak fixed, but now is noisy?
  93. Cranks, but won't start
  94. New Manifold Issues
  95. 06 Titan problems..
  96. 2014 Pro4X Bluetooth Problem
  97. Cracked Manifold?
  98. truck is going into limp mode after engine install and updated uprev tune.
  99. 04 Titan not running good as it should help
  100. check engine and traction control
  101. Limp Mode in Reverse
  102. Exhaust smoke & oil pressure dropping
  103. Noticed the rear driver side window would not go up....bad regulator
  104. Click from steering wheel
  105. subtle clicking noise on front tire area
  106. Heat/AC Problem
  107. cracked manifold on 2008 Titan and dealer won't fix
  108. Power Window Issue
  109. 2009 Titan Crew Cab wet driver side seatbelt
  110. Ticking with acceleration
  111. Third brake light
  112. Middle front seat?
  113. Alignment problem?
  114. weird whine above 40mph?
  115. Heater acting up, slow antifreeze leak
  116. 2007 Titan Power Driver Seat, Power Mirrors, and Power Pedals Stopped Working
  117. Rattling while stopped
  118. SES light, hard shudder, bad acceleration, horrible mpg
  119. Low PRM and possible trouble shifting
  120. Hissing/Whinning noise from front of engine.
  121. HVAC problems
  122. Alarm randomly goes off - 04 Crew Cab LE - what do I do other than disconnect batt
  123. Titan surges has no power.
  124. check engine soon light on dash
  125. Is FT90 causing spark plugs to bend closed?
  126. What is causing spark plug electrode gaps to bend closed?
  127. Rear left turn signal not working
  128. Temperature gauge
  129. HELP! 04 will not start, other issues....
  130. Squeaking when I turn the wheel left to right !
  131. Sunroof Problems
  132. relay change
  133. CEL cat efficiency below threshold
  134. My Titan wont fire
  135. Titan 2005 HELP
  136. Auto window problem
  137. '07 Titan SE CC, Alarm sounds after locking truck
  138. Rear Sonar Diagnostic Won't Work
  139. Broke a Bilstein 5100. Will Procomps work in a pinch?
  140. popping driver front suspension
  141. ECU relay
  142. Dallas potholes caused popping and rattle in front end
  143. Radio issues
  144. cruise control
  145. Titan bucking
  146. Dealer scan?
  147. Phone Issues
  148. 2006 Titan Fuel Gauge
  149. Heater doesn't work at idle
  150. Possible Power Steering Pump Failure
  151. Titan is at the dealer for repairs. Need help with a question, please?
  152. 05 titan 2wd le after a small front end crash will not start
  153. Need help with titan shake!!!
  154. help
  155. What is causing this?
  156. Quick fix on shift realease selinoid
  157. Horrible shaking I can't figure out
  158. VDC, Slip, ABS, and 4wd lights on
  159. Radio dead... clicking noise still happening
  160. Radio dead... clicking noise still happening
  161. Storage door rust
  162. I took the advice of an idiot friend
  163. Sunroof Explodes Outwards
  164. abs sensor help
  165. 2006 Titan Door Locks
  166. Odd Electrical Problems
  167. new used rear now 4 wheel drive locks up new rear abs sensors axles did not pop out
  168. 09 murano question (vibration)
  169. Front led turn signal light won't work
  170. Issue after clock spring install VDC/OFF SLIP light on
  171. p4020 4030 code help
  172. Power seat play
  173. 05 titan tow harness problem
  174. Frozen door handles
  175. Heat not working, nothing will fix it!
  176. Service Advisor Suggestion in Houston Tx
  177. Titan starts, sputters, and dies
  178. 2006 LE Service questions
  179. Rack & Pinion Help!
  180. Titan will die when put in park and die while driving
  181. A/C not switching to blow on face
  182. Sonar sensor issue - 4th repair
  183. Hot air continues to blow when dial turned to cold
  184. Fueling issue 2005 nissan titan
  185. Manual shift function not working
  186. throttle sticking when going WOT
  187. Doors locking and unlocking intermittently along with stereo light and running lights
  188. '06 Won't start, clicking noise
  189. Starting Issues...
  190. Whining sound in front end in 4 hi
  191. cracked manifold question?
  192. p0420 code
  193. Every once in a while when I brake, my bed sounds like it shifts?
  194. New pinion seals and 75w-140 in front diff?
  195. Titan Missing Can't find issue.
  196. Fuel problem
  197. Modern Nissan sucks
  198. Manual shift stopped working
  199. Nissan Canada Warranty makes me mad
  200. Losing hope very quickly!
  201. Rear door power windows won't work
  202. Air bag No show?
  203. ABS/VDC OFF/SLIP lights are on
  204. Idle is real rough in park at start up...
  205. bad gas mileage????????????
  206. Titan stopping when turning steering wheel to far
  207. 2006 Nissan Titan front windows not working
  208. Tie rod issue after alignment
  209. Four Wheel Drive Broke
  210. No Heat at Idle
  211. Cracked Exhaust Manifold and Warranty?
  212. Crank no start!
  213. Dash vibration from coldair intake
  214. Help...DIFF LOCK light Flashing rapidly
  215. Cracked manifold repair
  216. scrubbing noise over speed bumps
  217. shifting cable problem
  218. Half Shafts, and Hubs
  219. Front end chirp/squeak fix
  220. in a pinch and need an answer now
  221. Engine problems
  222. Popping noise coming from front right side when braking
  223. No air to window defroster
  224. weird issue in detail
  225. Please help a new member!
  226. No air through front vents
  227. Rear seat belts
  228. tru trac install question
  229. Dealership says Brake Booster is out.
  230. Cab leak near rear window
  231. Sudden trouble filling fuel tank
  232. HELP! 05 Titan blower motor resisitor motor or VBC varible blower motor control?
  233. Boom!!! Bye bye rear diff
  234. Clunk!! PLEASE HELP
  235. Front end clicking noise
  236. Truck won't go
  237. 2008 titan water in door
  238. Vibration from rear during deceleration
  239. Front Suspension Noise - Spongy Creaking
  240. pulsating humming sound starting around 65mph.
  241. In need of a how to
  242. Leaking axle seal + Whistling/humming noise
  243. 2010 2WD Whistle between 55-65
  244. High Oil Pressure and Red Hot Cats (crappy noise)
  245. Engine Sputters/Shakes while driving
  246. Cracked Exhaust Header?
  247. SLIP light Stays on.
  248. 2007 Titan Cranking but hard to start.
  249. Any air filter other than Nissan's will void warranty!
  250. Reverse Sensor Issues