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  • MNLack39 ·
    Hi, My name is Meagan and I cant figure out how to post a question to the public Anyways if you have time would you mind helping me out?
    I have a 2005 Nissan Titan 2wd with flowmaster 40's.
    I had a leveling kit put on about a year ago and I was looking to make it sit up higher without spending a pretty penny.

    I was looking at a few things: Body Lift, Mini lift, and Spindle Lift.

    I know absolutley nothing about this so my question is can I put any of these three things on my truck on top of the leveling kit? or will i have to remove it?

    If I dont have to have the leveling kit removed, which kit will give me the highest sit without breaking the bank?*** I also have some friends that know how to work on trucks so instillation shouldnt cost that much.
    KING_Polaris ·
    Yeah, I've been trying to get pricing on shipping but with no success on even getting an estimate. Where are you located and how much?
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