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  1. Goodyear Duratrac's going on!

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    i used GY duratracks on my old GMC....they never worked out well for that truck...wore too quick even after numerous alignments.... on my titan i run Cooper Discoverer STT Pros....yeah they are expensive and are a hard tire but they last! that is what i am looking for, a tire that lasts. oh...
  2. Show Me Duratrac's??

    Titan Pictures & Media Post
    I have 285/65 r 18 cooper stt pros with about 2.5 lift up front with zero offset and dirt king UCAs and dont have a rubbing....they look good IMHO....check out my garage pics if you want to see more.
  3. Parting out 2013 Nissan Titan

    does the truck have leather seats not ripped? i am interested in those...i'm in VA so i could plan some kind of pick up....also need the front tow hooks. let me know and i'll PM you to make arrangements.
  4. New Member in Hampton Roads, VA

    New Member Introductions
    welcome to the site Coastie.....(i am assuming that is what CG stands for coast guard?). I am stationed in eastern VA as well. USN. lately there have been quite a few people in our area joining up on here. plenty of knowledge and wisdom! again, welcome!
  5. What did you do to your Titan Today?

    Titan General Discussion
    Gruvis and all - there is a site called where2wheel. it has a ton of places with trail reports mapped all over the country. the site takes inputs from wheelers and pins them on a map with descriptions and updates. note: the map and info is only as good as the member's inputs but if you are in...
  6. newie from portsmouth va

    New Member Introductions
    welcome robert, not far from you! there are some very knowledgeable folks on here. there are three active members on T Talk from the Hampton Roads area that i am aware of. Enjoy your truck!
  7. "SME" at 4wheelparts store says OEM lift?

    Titan Suspension
    Alaska - dang! you got a great deal IMO....not having to fight with that axle nut was well worth it in my book. there is only one thing i hate more than liars and thieves....and that is rusted, corroded on bolts and parts! (thats why i usually just cut that sh1t off) Good to hear you got the...
  8. Hello from Norfolk, VA

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    R/R - Good job man! nice set up with the lift for sure! i've used the base auto hobby shops before, they are nice the only problem is they close at 5pm...and i can't drink beer and blare music while i am so you got the head gasket problem fixed! Lookin good!
  9. "SME" at 4wheelparts store says OEM lift?

    Titan Suspension
    LOL....thanks! i'll remember that when or if i decide to put it back on....i bought some extended end links so after i move the shock height i might try it again....but only because i will likely get my TT back after the divorce is final and i'll need to tow it. I love this site! hahaha!
  10. "SME" at 4wheelparts store says OEM lift?

    Titan Suspension
    yeah...i got tired of messing with trying get the sway bar bolts out so i cut em off and then putting the new ones on was a pain in the butt so i just took the whole thing off and left it off for now. I am gonna leave the bumps uncut and see how it goes. i might just pull the coil overs off...
  11. "SME" at 4wheelparts store says OEM lift?

    Titan Suspension
    R/R - i already put the bilstein 5100s and Dirt King UCAs on the truck (see above post)....nice ride so far.... took off the sway bar altogether and i like it so far too. i was just adding the bump stop to ensure i don't bottom out the shocks and break something.
  12. "SME" at 4wheelparts store says OEM lift?

    Titan Suspension
    honda, alaska, others....i put the Energy Suspension bump stops on...debating if i should cut one or two of the top rings/steps off to allow more shock compression travel. i have the bilsteins on the bottom perch for now but plan to move to the middle perch real soon. Or did you run with the...
  13. "SME" at 4wheelparts store says OEM lift?

    Titan Suspension
    Got the DK UCAs and bils was a pain cranking down on the spring....the first one i cranked down and compressed the spring as good as i could and of course the nut on the strut wouldn't break free so i went ahead and cut it off...i Highly do NOT recommend this unless 110% of the...
  14. "SME" at 4wheelparts store says OEM lift?

    Titan Suspension
    yeah....i've done a bunch of wrenching on my other trucks just new to nissan titans. this is my keeper truck. six years old but new to me. your truck looks great! it looks like it is really well put together for some out in the sticks weekend or week long trips. thought about a cap, that...
  15. "SME" at 4wheelparts store says OEM lift?

    Titan Suspension
    Alaska - yeah, meant to mention the bump stops. Gonna replace the stocks, good catch (pun?). thanks for the continued sage advice and guidance. no limit straps = one less thing... Walrus - hahaha, i'll spread it out over a couple days if my body can't keep up with my motivation. thanks again...