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  • yusronjunaedi ·
    hy guy's nice to meet u

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    ATM2680 ·
    Let me know how it turns out. Remember to get all the chrome off the emblems and put 4-5 coats of primer on them. Good luck bro...
    ATM2680 ·
    I took them off with dental floss, by doing that it left the double sided sticky tape on my truck so i could align them up later. I sanded them down getting all the chrome paint off (get all the shiny off). Put 4-5 coats of primer on them, let dry, and then 4-5 coats of all surface flat black paint ( or what ever color you want). then just applied some 3M emblem glue and reapplied them to the double sided sticky tape. Easy stuff, took me one day to do all my emblems.
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