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  1. Drilled and Slotted Rotors

    Titan General Discussion
    +1 here As I mentioned, Centric Cryo Rotors I would take over the plain ones. Not that the plain ones are bad, just the Cryo rotors are less prone to warping under extreme conditions. They are not much extra and give you a higher performing Rotor. The Centric pads mentioned above...the...
  2. inexpensive 2006 exhaust manifold for CA

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Here is some info for you...on porting... Here is some info on Jet Hot Coating... This is a good option and to stay compliant in California. People HAVE NO IDEA how crazy California is about emissions...
  3. Bilstein Question(s)...

    Titan Suspension
    Kinda off point but curious.... Can you buy 5100's and have them set for stock ride height? Or by installing the 5100's you get a lift weather you want one or not? Just keeping my options open for when the OEM struts/shocks fail but do not want to lift the truck at all. Bone Stock SV 4x4...
  4. Fuel econ query

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    The Titans just suck gas period compared to other trucks on the market. Not really sure why that is? For how much fuel is being used you would think we are driving 600 hp 5.6's not 318hp (2015 1st Gen for me). I mean we all know trucks aren't the greatest on gas anyway, its just odd to me...
  5. inexpensive 2006 exhaust manifold for CA

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    The later part of your question is the tough part....CA Legal. Honestly, I would only stick with OEM for now. California at least in some areas in SoCal have areas where they stop people randomly and check for Emission violations. Kinda like a sobriety check point. 99% of headers out there...
  6. Drilled and Slotted Rotors

    Titan General Discussion
    I believe the rears of the period were not available in drilled since they were solid disc design. They may be available now, but in the early 2000's? No. My Sister and Father both put on Stillen Drilled rotors in 2005. In hopes of it helping with the plagued brake problems of the earlier...
  7. High mileage many miles does your truck have??

    Titan General Discussion
    My Sister still has her 05 CC that she bought new in 05. She has about 170k miles on it at the moment, its been sitting a while. She modified hers so allot of the issues she had came from that. She has the CST/FOX suspension installed all around raising the ruck 8 inches, ran 20's with BFG...
  8. Drilled and Slotted Rotors

    Titan General Discussion
    Not a fan of Drilled Rotors, honestly it is for cosmetics more than function. In the 10+ yrs I tracked Evo's you learn to stay away from crossed drilled rotors. Also my Dad had an 04 Titan with Stillen Drilled Rotors, and so did My Sister with her 05. They did it due to the OEM crappy brakes...
  9. Back up cam not working

    I had this same problem when I bought my 15 used. I took it to the dealer and they fixed it. I asked what it was and all they said was they had to "Reset" the head unit. So maybe that will work for you. it does sound like the camera is not working. Could have been a repair on something...
  10. "New" Titan

    New Member Introductions
    It sounds like the windshield was replaced at some point and the new install was a crap job. Maybe invest in a new windshield installed and reputable shop. Should fix the problem. Jeff
  11. 2018 SV 4x4 upgradable to pro 4x struts?

    Titan General Discussion
    I find this interesting, on the 1st Gen Titan, SV 4x4 vs 4x is nill in overall height and ground clearance difference. This was comparing a 1st gen running OEM 20's 4x4 SV vs a same year 4x. I do like how the 2nd gen uses Bilstein's if I am not mstaken vs the 1st Gen Rancho suspension. THAT I...
  12. Some Tire Help Please

    Titan General Discussion
    Ok Guys Pep Boys still cant get my steering wheel straight after the alignment, was canted to the left too far, and now its off to the it sucks living in dog patch sometimes where there are no "pro's" to do this stuff. Even the Dealer F's it up. So I need to take it back AGAIN...
  13. Truck sitting uneven??

    Titan General Discussion
    Thank You, just never realized it before...never realized it was a common thing, but makes me feel better than it is. Jeff
  14. Truck sitting uneven??

    Titan General Discussion
    The sag was noticeable without anyone in the car. Just it sitting all by itself. It does make sense it would be the gas tank. Never thought of that. It affects the drivers side almost a 1/2 inch front and back vs the passenger side. It does make the most sense thus far. Jeff
  15. Some Tire Help Please

    Titan General Discussion
    Update on the alignment i got at Pep Boys yesterday. Sucks not having better options but it is what it is. The MOOG camber bolts I purchased prior did not fit, so I have to return them. Pep Boys showed all but the left front tire out of spec. It was tow and was corrected. They did not...