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  • TitanPro_4X ·
    I am looking at either a Banks Monster exhaust or just swapping the stock muffler for a black widow pro-venom. Any ideas? I am in AZ.
    cfox10 ·

    I've finally got some funds for a new exhaust system. Could you shoot me an email [email protected]

    2011 Nissan Titan 2WD

    Something a bit louder than stock that will let this thing breathe.

    Thank you,
    MattS ·
    Yo dude,

    Do you have any of those black widow 250 series mufflers on deck? I go to school in SD but am up visiting the family in OC. Just got an 08 titan a few weeks ago and would like to beef up the sound a bit! You think it will work well with stock pipes and a turn down?



    ryany79 ·
    I am interested in purchasing the Black Widow exhaust. I have Stillen Longtube headers and stillen cats. Let me know your recommendation and pricing. Thanks!
    goodkill365 ·
    hey AII, where did you get your glass painted and how much they charge? ive checked out a few shops up here around pismo and they are stupid expensive and want the T for over 7 days :/
    titanridinghigh ·
    I'm looking for a pre owned set prerunner rims and tires.. are there any desert racing sites or forums you could direct me to? I'd imagine you'd have all the connections, that's why I ask..
    Thanks man
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