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  • honda250xtitan ·
    lol. you in San diego area? next time i head that way like everyone from AZ does in the summer, imma hit you up. see that beast in person. no homo ;)
    honda250xtitan ·
    I'm thinking imma weld up a bed rack that will slide in the tracks along the top of the bedsides. angle iron with bolts going into flat strap that slides in the tracks. then run some square tubing across to frame it out and some expanded sheet metal. you think the bedsides can support that weight plus ice chest, floor jack, etc. etc. kinda like a overland rack.
    Where did you get this shield/guard?? Did it come already installed on your T? I have the front and rear guard, but not the center one. My valve cover and everything else is exposed to mud, salt, snow, rain chemicals you name it!
    Hey! I love your spare tire setup. Did you do a write up? I don't want my spare underneath, getting sh*t on by the salt, sand and chemicals all winter long, but I don't want it stolen from the back either. In my Xterra I just threw it in the back. Thanks in advance! - Tanya

    TBFLAV ·
    Hey nice looking truck. I host a page on FB called Titan Bros FL. its an open forum where other enthusiast can post, comment and submit items for sale. I would like to show the others on the site this beauty please check out the page give us a like and message me a picture of your truck. I really appreciate the support.
    RDJ ·
    Hay, I just responded to your Craigslist add. Let me know if these are still available.

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