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  • klatham1023 ·
    Hey I'm new to this forum and almost everyone I look into for fixing my truck your posting on it. I have an 08 SE 4x4.
    It has a few issues that i'm trying to fix think I could see if you know anything? It'd be a huge help!
    DocSteve ·
    Hi, my truck bed accessory plug is dead. Someone on the forum suggested that you might have a clue to where the fuse might be for this. I've checked out the fuse panel and can't find a blown fuse? The accessory plug is riveted into the bed so it's really unacessable without tearing it out. If you have the specific fuse location for it I'll try to check again. It blew when I was running an electric heater and no longer seems to work. Thx in advance Steve
    jst1970 ·
    You definitely are appreciated as the wiring guy on the Titan, thank you!

    I have a non tow kit 05 XE. I put in the relays and used the curt adapter from the factory plug to my 7 pin plug for my boat. I have only left brake and blink, no running or right side. My relay box only had a spot for one brown and one blue. What am I missing here? Thank you in advance for helping!
    mad_nigerian ·
    Hey, Dude you seem to have all the answers, so I guess your are the best person to ask. I'm trying to install a single din dvd player and it keeps hitting the metal bar in the head unit install space. Is there some way to move it or cut it out or bash it with a hammer to make it fit right?
    bigchad ·
    I have been looking for posts regarding the driver side accessory outlet. I believe you stated in a post years ago it was fuse #18. Where is this located? I may just be completely dumb but I don't see numbers anywhere in regards to this fuse location. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    miamititan305 ·
    Hello sir i have a question for you i'm thinking of doing the same led strip on my titan, i would like to know how you glue your light strip..
    batman45 ·
    I just bought a used 2006 LE Titan last week, and am in love with it (I have driven Frontiers for the past 10 years and finally manned up). I have really appreciated all of your knowledge on this forum and hope you can help me with some pictures or diagrams of how to replace my back-up sonar speaker. I believe it is why my "back-up sensor" light has been staying on, as I have tried your previously posted diagnostic advice and don't hear any beeping whatsoever (during the test). Any help you can send my way would be greatly appreciated; I'm no mechanic, but am fairly comfortable splicing some wires together or doing some minor soldering. I read where one Titan owner replaced his speaker with a stereo headphone speaker - heck, I'd try anything if you think it will work. This baby sure is bigger than my old Frontier, and backing up is a whole new world. Thanks in advance - Dave.
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