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  • Roodogg ·
    Hey man I just posted something I meant to put in the Buy/Sell forum in the Titan-Suspension forum by accident. Is it possible to move the thread?

    How have you been? I got that battery problem fixed finally. It was a corroded fusible link. The one that attaches to the positive battery terminal normally. One of the two studs was totally corroded so the charging system wasn't working right.

    Thanks for your help.
    Prozach ·
    I have been following the thread about noise/vibration coming from what appears to be the bearings in either the wheel or diff. My 04 4X4 is really loud when driving straight or turning left but is quiet when I turn right and the weight comes off of the right side. Any suggestions as to which one of the bearings needs replaced? Is that even the problem?

    Zapper ·
    I just want to say thanks for info. on turning off that blinking air bag light it was driving me CRAZY!!!
    Thanks again
    chargedTitan ·
    Whats the chance of making the Stillen Supercharger thread a sticky. Allot of truthful information people should know before making such an expensive, time consuming purchase. Maybe even if we have the opportunity to start a new thread for a sticky listing the S/C failures and the damage caused by the supercharger, no Stillen bashing here. In fact, I think you'll see that , yes, I have expressed my frustration in that thread, but I have not bashed anyone. The one thing I hope people would get out of any of this info is , if your going to go this route have it installed by an Authorized Stillen Dealer who has allot of experience installing these. It's been my only saving grace. For the most part, my service manager has dealt with the guys at Stillen. I believe if it had been installed elsewhere, I'd be SOL.
    Thanks for your time
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