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  1. Front Bumper Replacement

    Appearance & Body
    I am looking for a front bumper replacement. Thanks, Dallas drivers. What are some good bumper replacements that work? I heard rumors that someone made XD bumpers work? What’s the truth to that?
  2. After Market Bumpers for non XD

    2016+ Titan General Forum
  3. How happy are you with your Titan?

    2016+ Titan General Forum
    I love my 2018 Titan Pro-4X. I have had it since April and currently right under 11k miles. It has been my favorite truck ever!
  4. 2018 Titan Reviews/Issues/Transmission Reports

    2016+ Titan General Forum
    I have a 2018 Pro-4X. No issues at all, nor any behavior that gives me pause; 11k miles and counting over the past four months of ownership. Markedly different than the experience I had when test driving the 2017 models and the 2017 Titan that my girlfriend’s dad has. I don’t know what they...
  5. Wheel Well gap

    Appearance & Body
    2018 Pro 4X - same thing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. 275/70/18 bfg t/a ko2

    Tires And Wheels
    I would have to pull the load charts to verify for your tires, as different size tires have different inflation requirements. 50 PSI is the minimum pressure required to match the load carrying capacity of my stock tires. I keep them between 50 to 55 PSI. What are the factory 20” size tires...
  7. 275/70/18 bfg t/a ko2

    Tires And Wheels
    Thanks! I actually bought them from you guys - life long customer here! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Oil Weight

    Engine and Technical Discussion
    Am I the only one here who thinks that it is insane to be using 0W-20 for motor oil? It's practically water... Anyway, I am sure that some engineers and a bunch of testing is what led them to choosing that oil, but here is my question. Would I (should I) be better off using a heavier weight...
  9. 2017 Nissan Titan SV Engine failure !!!!!

    2016+ Titan General Forum
    Wow. Following for updates, but hopefully they make it right and replace the long block. These things do happen from time to time, unfortunately. Hopefully not to me...
  10. Considering a 2018 Titan SV

    2016+ Nissan Titan Reviews
    I would highly recommend taking a look at one. The worst thing is the gas mileage; big whoop. RAM's are nice, but it's a brand new design. It will have who knows how many problems, and you won't be getting rebates on one any time in the near future. They're also expensive as hell. I had a 2015...
  11. New to me Nissan OEM Brush Guard

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Cannot wait to see pics! I imagine that the amount of money you spent in gas might have eaten up the savings, but at least you got to drive!
  12. 275/70/18 bfg t/a ko2

    Tires And Wheels
    As the title suggests, I just installed factory size 275/70/18 BFG T/A KO2's on my 2018 Pro 4X. They look a heck of a lot better than the factory General Grabber APT's, and they are 10 ply E1 ranged tires instead of the factory SL tires; important if you're off-road in the brush and important to...
  13. What have you done for your 2nd Gen Titan lately

    2016+ Titan General Forum
    Those tires look amazing! I am looking at getting some new ones - do you think that they would fit and run without a lift?
  14. Underseat Locking Storage

    I stopped by a dealership in Austin (I am out of town for work) to ask if they could take a quick look and see if I was doing something wrong, or if I needed to drop it off for service, etc. The service advisor came out and could not get either one to work. A quick spurt of WD-40 into the...
  15. 2016 P4X loaded w/mesquite

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    Looks good! It certainly is not squatting too much; how much weight if you had to guess?