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  • chadp82 ·
    I took the Nissan logo off the front and placed it right where the Nissan logo went without cutting the grill apart. The logo I got mostly covered the circle and bar on the grille after I pulled the chrome Nissan logo off. There are 2 holes on either side the Nissan logo goes into, I glued some small balck plastic caps to cover the holes. I considered some black bolts ore screws as well, but found some caps I had from a past project that looked good. The screws I was originally going to use looked pretty good too. Once you pull the Nissan logo off, you will see what I mean. You can get a thin flat head screwdriver and stick it right behind the chrome, between the chrome logo and grille, and gently pry it off. If you change your mind you can glue it back on. It is held on with double sided tape.

    I bought a 5" x 5" logo from, they have an ebay store. I painted the logo to match the truck, the only colors they have are chrome and black.
    Titan42269 ·
    hey chad, how is your autobot applied? I have one on my tailgate already(that one was easy) but im concerned about having enough for the double sided tape to adhere to on the honey comb grille after I dremel the stock bar and circle out.
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