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  • TitanZ04 ·
    What is the best steering rack replacement upgrade? Who is a reliable steering rack manufacturer?Who makes heavy duty steering hoses etc.?

    Please PM me your response.

    TitanZ04 (Rob)
    Jibber ·
    Hey Chris, I was wondering if you could give me any on the axle mods needed to use the D44 axle? Were the titan bearings a direct fit? Do you have and build notes? As far as I can tell you’re the only one who has done this swap so far and any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Email me [email protected]


    JBake ·
    I just noticed that you are from Milton, FL. I grew up in Milton and graduated at Milton High in 06. My name is Justin Baker, and just trying to find out who is actually bringing to live my future project? lol let me know something. Hope everything is going good with the build.
    erric ·
    so hey i had a question for ya. i have sum 22x12 rockstars with 35 inch tires that are 12.5 wide. heres my problem. my rack and pinion seperated so i replaced it and when i was done i marked it where it had seperated before to see if it moves and the last time i did an oil change i noticed its starting to move about a 1/16 of an inch so far. have you had any problems with your rack and pinion? is there anything out there to keep this from happening again? here my # too 530 314 9442
    WhiteTitanSe ·
    Hey man iam ready to buy tires now are you gonna sell yours? Let me know if your gonna keep em.
    Also do you have your oem front axleshafts still?
    billybobjohnjoe ·
    heres that link you may have to sign up im not sure. my truck is the silver one 1st ever Third Coast Nissans ride! *56k no way! -
    durtytex ·
    hey bud, im having some issues and from your posts, you look like a man to ask. first of all, your ride is sick, and the front axle is gonna put it over the top. anyways, i like your ride height and stance. i noticed you have the 7" with 2 1/2" level stacked. so are you riding 9 1/2" in front and 7" in the rear? i ask because i have a 6"fabtech with 3" body lift. i have the monster rims with a -44 offset rollin in 35" tires and im getting a slight rub when i have my wheels turned and hit a bump. do you recommend the 2 1/2" level? pros cons? i appreciate any advice.
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