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  1. Who like guns? Post your favs.

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    My favorite at the moment is my Ruger GP100 .357. Shoots straight and is heavy enough to absorb a lot of the recoil. I like my Mossberg, too. Lots of fun and accurate as hell. Right now, I'm waiting for cataract surgery so nobody's safe! Stay away from the range when I'm around...:ftard:
  2. Attention: All who knew the original CaliforniaTitan

    Titan General Discussion
    Your dad was one of the first people I posted with on this forum. He was always willing to lend a hand and his posts were always worth reading. I don't post much anymore, but I still check-in from time to time, and I definitely feel this thread is worth a reply. Best of luck to you, and...
  3. 2004-2006 Titans only!!!! :)

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    Yup... 2004 Red Brawn LE KC Born 12-16-03 Took possession in January '04 First Titan sold in Colorado
  4. Considering Front-projection HDTV

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    I'm finishing my basement and have the opportunity to install a front-projection system with a 100-inch screen. I'm hoping that someone out there can recommend a brand and maybe throw-in a few tips? I can't afford to break the bank, but I'm able to go up to around $4K. I already have a good...
  5. How Many Miles ya got?

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    2004 KC. (first Nissan Titan sold in Colorado). I turned 82,000 about 2 weeks ago. Other than the brakes, I've had minimal problems. Had to replace the battery about 3 months ago. Went through the brake thing. Had the bed-liner replaced after about 3 months of ownership (they replaced...
  6. How old is TT??

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    I found TitanTalk on 2/6/04. I'm not a big poster, but I enjoy reading everyone's comments and, occasionally, I even throw in my 2-cents worth. I bought the FIRST Titan ever sold in Colorado. When I went into Tynan's Nissan I knew more about the truck than they did. They didn't even have a...
  7. 04 Titan -BEST TRUCK!!

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    This is a photo taken the day I brought her home. This truck still runs great and except for a couple of minor workday scratches, it still looks good, too. I can't see myself in anything else for a long time. She kind'a fits me like my favorite coat.
  8. Military Titan Talk Members

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    Ping Jockey 1965-69, USS Henry W Tucker (DD875) & USS Hollister (DD788):cheers:
  9. TitanTalk 2004 members

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    Don't post much anymore, but still check in to see what's going on. Still driving my 04 and it's doing just fine. It's amazing how this forum has grown. :cheers:
  10. Hauling Capacity

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    I'm building a new house and I need to pick up a large quantity of tile. Can anyone tell me what is the SAFE weight limit for loading the bed?
  11. 2004 owners, remember those days?

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    Still a litttle rare around here, but I see more all the time. Rarely another red brawn, seems like more white ones than any other color. I like how Nissan made it easy to identify model-years with the changes in the side badging. Don't see many 04's, mostly 05's & 06's. Still like my Titan...
  12. Another Quarter Shovel arrives

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    Congratulations! There's nothing like a wee baby. Love her every chance you have (I know you will!). She's lucky to have an older brother to put the fear'a God into those guys they come'a courtin' , in a few years.
  13. Where are you all located?

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    What he said...
  14. Nissan, you have a problem.

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    Obviousley, the survey covers all types of vehicles. (to my knowledge, their arent too many Beemer 1/2-tons driving around). However, if you interperate the survey as "Truck-Only", the only truck rated higher than Nissan would be the GMC. Chevy, Dodge and Ford trucks would all be rated lower...
  15. Gas Poll - What are you paying for Gas?

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    $2.12 in Denver & Parker, Colorado.