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  • mbc4934 ·
    Got some costa rica surfing pics from the summer time Ill have to share! I remember the old surfing convos
    MERTitan ·
    Thanks man I'm trying to get pic up I have had my truck since 2006 but I'm just getting around to doing stuff to it. I see your from the Philly area. I use to live in Upper Darby when I was a kid. I still travel to the area all the time. Where can I get a MVP Titan sticker at.
    hahaha i wish i could get a new truck.. but... shhh.. it prob wouldnt be a titan.. lol dont get me wrong.. I LOVEE my truck.. but im starting to fall in love with the crewmax tundras... only the red lifted one with black rims.. i just dont like the price tags =)
    well i tried to take the top one off... i ended up loosing the clips and had to go to nissan and buy new ones at $2.50 A CLIP!! im like this prob didnt even cost you ten cents to make!!!!!! lol but i just got fed up with it.. and everyone said i wont be able to fix it.. so im trying to talk the parents in to buying me a new one.. but my step dad said....... if i buy you one.. you will prob just f' that one up next week..... so.. idk.. lol
    oh my god.. i hate this grill.. i tried to get it off.. and its just been a huge pain in the ***... did you get the bottem grill off without taking the top off???
    mbc4934 ·
    Sick Pics man, Ill try to find the some of down here and send you the link. Oh how im going to miss big swells in boardshorts.
    mbc4934 ·
    sorry didnt back to you sooner.... yea i got it in during the bill and danny swells, there some barrel pics of me somewhere on this guys computer, i forgot to get them from the guy but now since Ive thought about it Ill try to get um. If was epic down here.
    42772 ·
    I could think of much worse things our kids could get addicted too. lol. I wouldn't worry till he's 15 and stealing ur keys at midnite and joy riding. I live in the country and my 3yr old loves to "steer" the truck, I haven't let her yet in the titan but my dad does often in his dodge.
    military_dave ·
    you got it buddy. some of my damage has been done already, but if you would be so kind to post on my thread that the "spam" will stop.

    much appreciated,

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