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  • mr407432 ·
    CenCalTitan ·
    How's it going.... I'm new to the site and I came across your truck and just had a couple questions. I'm in the process of lifting my titan 9 inches and I'm thinking about running some 22x14 fuels but I wanted to talk to someone who's running big wheels and see what kind of issues they've came across. What size lift do you have on your truck? What size wheel and tires are you running? Anything you would do different if you had the opportunity to do it again? Any help is greatly appreciated!

    oh6titan ·
    Hey man I had a question for you. I've got a 2006 Nissan Titan that's pretty much all stock. All i've done to it was a magnaflow 12256 muffler swap. It's an 18" I believe. I was reading about the Dynomax bullet and was looking into getting that but I was not sure which part number I should be looking for. I would probably have the shop do a FM y pipe along with the install. What size are you running?
    a26rock ·
    Hey man,

    I would like to ask you some questions about your truck and lift. I just picked up a titan again today and I had started a thread a last week about Fuel 20x12 or 20x14. Think I want to go with the 20x14 which is going to require a Body lift on top of my current 6"

    Anyway if you feel like helping me move forward with my project let me know I would appreciate it.
    Bob jones ·
    2007 Nissan titan Axle bearing replacement. My seal started leaking and the bearing went bad. I see Advance Auto has 2 listed National Cylindrical Bearing A-10 & Beck/Arnley Part No. 051-4113. The Beck/Arnley states "Engineered for heavy loads in difficult operating environments."
    Would this be a better bearing set to put in or stay with factory style?
    Bigblack_titan ·
    Hey man, I was looking at the "if you have a 6 inch lift or higher" And I was wondering if you could tell me what all you did to it lift Wise?
    Geronimooo ·
    Hey bro think you send out the word about the TDS the first weekend of March. See if we can get a group together to camp out there.
    RigoTiT17 ·
    What's up bro haven't Talked to you in a while hit me up bro I moved out here to. Nevada and there's a few guys out here that wanna put a run together with everyone from so cal well hit me up see what's up would be nice to see all you guys again
    Geronimooo ·
    Hey bro, I tried to go on the web sight but it said that it was still under construction. hit me up with the web page thanks bro. also had a great time out there today. see you at the next meet.
    Chance90 ·
    Hey bud,
    I recently was viewing a thread which you had posted in and I'm uber curious as to where you got those beautiful headlamps, or rather who made them. I'd love to find a guy who could tint the amber sections for me.
    Thanks for any info.
    Lowflow52 ·
    Hey eddie im nee to this site and have been looking around at trucks. I just bought a nee titan and was thinking about doing the 6inch pc stage 2 lift and 20x12 fuel hstage with 35 do you know of anyone thst has this setup or if it will work.
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