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  • Kulesza ·
    Hey i love your set up, i have a silver 2006 crew cab and im very interested in getting the same type of lift, any chance you could help me out? i dont know much about this because ive never dealt with suspension or anything like that
    DezertRunner823 ·
    Wazzup gangsta? SD has been busy as mofo at his job. SD's got my old wheels that I told him to PC which he did, look outstanding if u ask me. He had his PC'd at a place in el cajon but he wasn't too thrilled with their customer service. I highly recommend getting yours done at eletro-powder coating in san marcos off of woodland parkway just underneath the bridge. I'll gather more info for you cuz I can't remember the exact name but they are well known powder coaters if not one of the best. I'll get back to ya. My lunch is ovahh gotta get back to work, lol... Peace
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