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  • SLAM1 ·
    Thanks for the info you gave me on the leveling your titan thread. I ended up ordering everything I discussed on that thread and saw in your signature that I will have the same set up(1.5" level, DK usa's, 1.5" rear block and 5100's) as you. My question is if you have your 5100's set on the middle perch?
    Button ·
    Is there any way that you know of that I can correct this? Maybe a different way to lift the rear and keep the wheel cantered?
    FishnAlaska ·
    not in the back, but in the front you could potentially have some rubbing, really depends on the wheels you are using and the full tire size, a 325/65 won't work, 325/60 will be very close.
    Button ·
    Do you think it will cause any interference if stepping up a size in tires? I was thinking maybe 325's for my next set.
    Button ·
    Great looking truck! I just have a quick question for you, if you don't mind? When you did your lift/leveling, did it appear that the rear wheels were offset to the rear in the wheel wells? Mine seem much closer to the mud flaps then to the front of the wells.

    BigTi ·
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    titan208 ·
    Got a question for you. I just got a 1.5" front spacer and 1.5" rear block. I also purchased new UCA's and end links. I'm waiting to buy the bilstein 5100's. Did you use the 5100's on the rear? Or are you running the 5125's? I keep seeing that the 5100's are good for up to 1" of lift for the rear. 2008 CC 4x4. Any help would be appreciated.
    BlackTitan04 ·
    hey i see youre very knowledgeable here on the forums...i need some help. i have the 04 titan and just got new 33s on the stock 17 inch rim. i just ordered the front strut spacer. (2 inch RC) Should i worry about any mechanical issues once installed? i havent heard too good of thing about the front spacers, not nissan titans tho..
    whutson4 ·
    Hey quick question for you. I and leaning towards the same setup as you with suspension. Just curious to what your fender height was on the front/back? I have the spacer up front, waiting to order the 5100s ... Also, are your fronts on the second perch? Thanks!
    Titan455 ·
    Hey man. Thanks for your post, they're a huge help.

    I'm running a similar setup on my 2012 Pro 4X.

    I have the Pro Comp (#64160) 1.5" Spacer on the front and I have the slightest CBC on the driver side. I'm waiting on my RC 864 UCA's to be dropped off today. These are the newer UCA's, with the balljoint made in as one piece. Did you still have to grind the coil bucket for clearance or did the new RC UCA do the trick?

    Tks again for all the good info.
    FishnAlaska ·
    Made an incision and laid the blade flat against the side and ran it around, if you do it flat you shouldn't shave any of the bezel off, and it will leave just a hair that you have to run your finger around to push it down so it sticks
    mississippititan30 ·
    Yeah those hatchie bottoms look amazing. I wish they made a set for my truck. I my front bench is different and I haven't set covers for them. For the bezel on too. How'd you cut the middle part? Did it crease in also and then cut inside the crease?
    mississippititan30 ·
    Hey man, I just put some camo vinyl in my truck on the radio bezel and some door accent pieces. I was wondering how you did the upper bezel area with the tray. Yours was my inspiration and hopefully I can find someone who makes camo seat covers for my year/model truck lol
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