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  1. Lift-Wheel-Tire Package Price

    Titan Suspension
    Sounds like a deal. PC lift at least 1200, Wheels, 800-1000 Tires- 1000+ = about 3200 w/0 install Install- 500
  2. Considering powdercoat

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    I have the same wheels on a black XE CC. Bought them in chrome and went black a year later. No regrets, black looks much smoother imo.
  3. * Looking For No Fear Emblem *

    Try 4wheel parts, i saw a set there a while back..
  4. Mid-travel Sneak Peak

    Titan Suspension
    Lookin Good.
  5. Please Help

    Titan Suspension
    -*Do you have 4 wheel or 2 wheel drive. For 4wheel This is my break down of cost... Lift : Pro comp Stage 1 $1200-1400 CST 1600-1800 Wheels: 1200 Tires: Toyos At $1300-1400 Install: $500 UpgradeS: coilovers +1000 and rear shocks +200, Upper Control Arms +599 For a 2 wheel I'll let the 2 wheel...
  6. 17x8 or 17x9 for 4" lift?

    Titan Wheels, Tires & Brakes
    My truck is lifted 6, and I'm running the 7089 17x9. w/ comparible tires. I can say, i had to remove my mud flaps, and i don't have any rubbing. However it's a tight sqeeze at max turn. Not sure if this helps..
  7. BFG All Terrain K/O's

    do you have any pics of the wheels?
  8. Feeler: FS Camburg UCA's

    Installed the Camburg Upper Control Arms on my PC lifted Titan and went to have it aligned. THe truck couldn't be aligned. Apperantly Camburg UCAs are not designed or compatable with a bracket lift. The UCAs are really well built and look sweet. Camburg UCAs are designed to be used with...
  9. CORR racing!! got travel?? 6/10 Chula Vista

    Titan Suspension
    Yeah, I plan on going.. My neighbor kept talking about CORR all last season, and I missed it. I've been waiting all this season for Chula.
  10. CORR racing!! got travel?? 6/10 Chula Vista

    Titan Suspension
    I 've been waiting a while for CORR to come to SD..
  11. Uniball VS. Flex Joint

    Titan Suspension
    First off, Can somebody explain what a flex joint is? Secondly compare a Uniball Vs. a Flex joint. (Ie strength, Performance) Thanks..
  12. 06 No fear vs 07 CC 4x4

    Titan General Discussion
    the no fear only has 12K, everthing should still be under factory warranty. If the No Fear model is loaded, Nav and sunroof, Weld Wheels, that's a pretty good deal at 29..
  13. Just got Back from PRG with SAW's!

    Titan Suspension
    "Oh yea, put DR's on the rear too."
  14. Camburg uppers

    Titan Suspension
    By no means am I an expert, but the alignment guy said it was about .07 or .7 negative camber. It's visbly noticeable, by front view and on the tread where the tire is not contacting surface. PRG advertised his new arms the week after I did my install, I'm hoping I can make the Burgs work...