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  • Gruvis Hops ·
    Are you still active on this forum? I just bought an '08 LE KC, and I'm going to buy some American Racing AR916 wheels soon (matte black w/dark tint). I see you have the 22" KMC slides, which will fit similar. I really like the way your wheels look.

    Anyway, I'm deciding between 20" and 22". I saw a post on a thread recently that said going to the 22's will make the truck slower and lower the mpg due to added unsprung weight. Did you notice a difference in acceleration/power when you went to the 22s?
    honda250xtitan ·
    so you took out the third leaf out back, but what about the front? is that stock? someone i know wants to lower his titan. And thats the third leaf counting from the top? lol.
    Dallas_Titan ·
    What's up dude. So you dropped your rear end by only removing the leave spring? In your thread, you said you removed the 3rd one? The one right on top of the bottom overload spring?

    I don't know whether to install the 2" drop shackles or remove a leaf. I only want to drop it in the rear by 2 to keep it leveled and even with the front.
    a15-05titan ·
    hey u wanna pm me some pictures of your titan i would like to see how the tinting chrome turned out i was thinking of doing that to mine too
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