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  • agnostic x ·
    Sorry bud, just read this. No, your trucks bedsides are too weak because it doesn't hit the gym 7 days a week like my brotruck haha. Send it to me and I'll test it out for you. ·
    If you call our sales staff at 888-844-3393 our sales staff can check the order to see if you were shipped the correct parts and help out with any warranty issues.

    Thank you for asking,
    csmith435 ·
    Quick ? It may be just me but I installed Bilstein on 15 Pro 4x on the middle perch and I notice that the steering seems to be a lot more responsive and touchy. Is this common with adding these shocks and should this be expected? Thanks for your time!
    csmith435 ·
    I know everyone gets tired of the wheel and tire questions, but you seem to know a lot about what will fit. I have a 15 Pro 4X and I am looking at the Fuel Mavericks 20x9 with a 0 offset. Will 305/55/20 Trail Grapplers fit without any cutting or do I need to go with the 295/55/20? I have the Bilsteins on the middle perch as well. Thanks for your time!
    lselmes ·
    Hey Honda, I thought I could ask you for some info without publicly embarrassing myself. So I am about to set the bags inboard and I have easy enough access to the upper bracket and nut, so can I just deflate the bags with tires on and truck on the ground and just loosen and push? It probably seems so obvious but I just want to be sure so I don't break something. Thanks man.

    snave7 ·
    You're welcome! I thought it was really good. I was always confused by that bible quote and didn't think that it went with what I understood...
    marpayne ·
    I just bought a 2010 Titan LE, it has bluetooth capabilities however the voice switch on the sterring wheel does not activate the phone/radio. Also the phone icon in the overhead constantly flashes? Any ideas??
    nezzy76 ·
    Haha! I completely agree! I like how it was in a warehouse with one light turned on for the truck. Sexy! I felt like saying a lot more but...
    Pro4Jackster ·
    I don't have a good answer for that. I went to an audio shop and told them I wanted to watch DVDs from the overhead screen to the Nav screen, and add a backup camera on the Nav screen. They installed a box that splices into the input of your Nav screen, and adds more switched video inputs. Its inside my console, and there is a switch on the dash that changes back and forth from the DVD player to the Nav input. Then, they plugged a backup camera into a different input on the box and switched it to my reverse lights. So, when my reverse lights see 12V it switches from Nav input to camera input. I don't know the brand of the box, but I heard them say "Lock Pick" and "Nav-to-Go". I'm sure there are at least a few interfaces that do the same thing. I could probably open it up and add a nintendo or something and play Super Mario.
    giimmelub ·
    LOL working on it!
    done: coilovers and uca's installed.
    to do: get coils removed from bilsteins. try to get bilsteins warrantied (might try to do them one at a time so it doesn't look suspicious). install deaver pack, shackles, and rear radflos. remove hellwig traction springs. oh and flip the hats on the saws. and finally, get aligned!
    gonna get it done before the weekend of march 16-18 so i can go on that camping trip!
    dan200 ·
    hers how i got that... i was typing in BACON in the serch box on face book and was gonna put Bacon University as where I went to school and discovered the "Bacon Institute"... That lead me to this... 7 Creative Uses for Bacon - Fenton-High Ridge, MO Patch
    and twoards the bottom of that page I found the bacon website trick so I put it on all the forums I am on and my work website (to draw traffic and make my bosses like me)...
    OneCheekRider ·
    my sister has a place in wrigleyville too, used to go out a lot around there when i used to live here. you ever get together with the other members from chicago?
    giimmelub ·
    sweeeeet, i emailed nick last night asking about making a 4x4 MT kit in the future... way future lol... and UCAs now. hope he gets back to me soon! i can't wait!
    btw, i keep asking people and getting different responses.. as far as PRG goes, are his UCAs different in his MT kit from the ones FS on his site, do you know?
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