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  • mikew726 ·
    Damn! lol you are on your 4th set of rotors? This is Mike from pine ridge...have not been on here much but come back on after 8 moths and see your name right away lol.I probably would have had 4 sets too if I did not consider it to be a forearm workout for softball season;) They are getting to the point where I have to do something,just got back from canada and towed my boat up..that was fun! I am going to get some after markets much did you pay for yours? I found some crossed drilled/vented ones with pads on ebay for around $200 Was thinking about trying that..will NEVER put the oem's back on.Actually the stock rims with the bfg a/t, did not seem to do it as much as the custom rims with destination a/ts on..might be the small offset? So how does that bad boy sound with the new exaust?? Piss off the neighbors yet? lol
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