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  • goodkill365 ·
    hey man, you got one of the best lookn titans ive seen on here. did you have to do any triming to fit those tires under it? and do you have wheel spacers or is that just the mojavies that make them stick out soo bad ***? thanks.
    bodytech ·
    we did not even make a template for it it is one of a kind im sure he could make another one probably not the same, i made it out of card board then it took it to a metal bender who bent all the steel then back to the shop for welding then to the powder coaters, then to a bodyshop for a tweak here and there for perfect fit then mounted. it all took about a month thats another month my truck was down.
    jasonmotox ·
    Hey Speedfrog, sorry I meant to respond sooner. I've actually got 2 sets of steelies. One set is spray painted flat black, center caps and all. (except for the chrome emblem) They actually have a set of BFG AT's with maybe 10,000 more miles left on them. The other set is factory silver but I don't have center caps. I'll have to check when I get home Sunday night whether or not both sets have the TPM's. If your interested I also have a set of 18" factory alloys that I tried to paint black. I lightly sanded them, sprayed 2 coats of black and 2 coats of clear. The paint just didn't stick good enough for me. You could have them sand blasted and powder coated?
    Silver set with no caps $50, Black set with caps and tires $75, 18" Alloys $75
    Let me know what you want to do. I should be back in Jacksonville next weekend or the following, I work out of town.
    speedfrog ·
    hey bro, just thought I would thank you for the info on the steelies and ask you how much you want for your spair set, if you still want to get rid of them
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