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  1. Why the Titan?

    2016+ Titan General Forum
    2019 Midnight Edition here. Reasons that I got the Titan in no particular order: Warranty. 5 years 100K is hard to beat. Comfort. I knew it was comfortable when we test drove it, but on the road it is VERY comfortable. Value. Sticker was about the same as other brands, but the deal I got...
  2. Seat Heaters part II

    2016+ Titan General Forum
    I have a '19 Titan that has heated, not cooled seats. They just never seem to get real warm. Sometimes I can tell they are on, sometimes no. They're working, but not well. Took it in to the dealer today to have them checked out. Bottom line is they are working to spec...96 degrees F. No...
  3. Rv

    2016+ Titan General Forum
    Yes on the WD hitch. This one.
  4. LEMON 2018 SV Midnight

    2016+ Titan General Forum
    Not sure what state you are in, but Lemon Laws vary by state. My adult daughter just went through the process here in Iowa with a 2018 Volkswagen of the first one's off the assembly line. No attorney, and ended up with a new 2019 without much problem at all. That being said, in...
  5. Residential Use Snow Plow

    2016+ Titan General Forum
    I use a snowsport plow on my '19 Midnight. I use to have it on the front of my '12 pathfinder, but there are currently no front receiver hitches for the non-XD titan. The snowsport plow is a consumer grade, aluminum plow with no hydraulics. Fits on a frame that goes into the receiver hitch...
  6. 2018 Titan headlights high beam replacement LED

    2016+ Titan General Forum
    Thanks Clint! I've been a long time Nissan owner and just traded my '12 Pathfinder for a Titan Midnight. Looked at all the brands, and settled on the Titan. I'm quite happy with the choice. K
  7. 2018 Titan headlights high beam replacement LED

    2016+ Titan General Forum
    I have a 2019 and presume it is identical to the '18. I went into the high beam bulb area by moving the front inner fender out of the way after removing a few screws. I removed the rubber plug from the back of the high beam socket and turned the 9005 right angle bulb counter clockwise. It was...