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  • crazycarl ·
    Hey there, I just wanted to shoot you over my information for a gift won during the raffle. I won the footwell lights from lone star lighting.

    Mark Carlson
    [email protected]
    (708) 567-5141

    and again thanks for everything me and the wife had a great time!
    smurphfish ·
    Hey mike I was going to give the guy at discount tires direct a call tomorrow to ask him a few questions. Is that ok or shall I wait till you have contacted him first? Thanks again I can't wait to get started on my truck! Thanks to the meet I now know exactly what direction I will go with the mods now. Thanks again!

    mbc4934 ·
    hey kronos, got a question for ya maybe you can help me,
    I am wanting to get true duals for my birthday next week so ill have them on for the meet, I was wondering if you knew anything about the putting straight pipes where the 2ndcats/resonators ( not sure which the are ), then running two mufflers out. Any ideas?
    appreciate it in advance
    BurritoJimmyFan ·
    Hey, I have a question for ya. I have the banks catback system and the drone at 1500 to 2000 RPM is killing me. It sounds great the rest of the time, start up, idle, and crusing. I was seaching the site and saw that you said that removing the crazy 5" tip will reduce the sound? Is that correct? What does it sound like with no tip? Do I need to replace it with another tip or can i just leave it off? If I don't like it can i reuse the same clamp that came with the system or will i need to replace it with a new clamp? Thanks in advace for your help!
    Kronos1965 ·
    Hi Winslow,
    Got the message and thank you kindly for your well-wishes. The wedding and honeymoon were awesome. I'm trying to post pictures up as soon as someone sends me the wedding ones!
    jager2704 ·
    Hi Mike, hope you got my voice mail I sent you on your wedding day...if not, all I said was congrats and theresia and I wish you guys the best.
    Kronos1965 ·
    Saturday afternoon is good for me.
    The lights don't burn out-just don't go on all the time. Rear pan looks simple enough but I need to get a gasket I imagine and 8 quarts of amsoil transmission fluid. As for the rattle, it happens on washboard type surfaces and you can feel it enough-really don't know what it is. I even thought the motor mounts were loose or something!

    konigfritz ·
    mikey mikey mikey.

    Hmm, rattle in the front? Are the back up lights burning out or just going off? the pan (rear diff?) Well, we are not going anywhere until the baby gets here. the boys have soccer on saturdays. but there games are over by lunch. Lisa's C section is scheduled for Oct. 8. so pick a time
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