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  • booster84 ·
    Hi loufish, I have seen several pictures of your rig and really like the defiant light bar... But I can't find anyone that sells it. Do you know if it's still available or where I can get it?

    c_morse ·
    Hey Boss,

    You wouldn't happen to have two of those like that in the size I need would you? I can't seem to find them anywhere, and I'd really love to do this right. Please let me know.
    Stillridin ·
    I was reading a thread on trailer left side turn signal not working, and you told the guy about the fuses by the BCM. I had the same problem and just registered to thank you for that info. Your the man! Rick
    loufish ·
    I'm sure I paid less...BUT I've had these on for over 70,000 miles!!....installed about 4 years ago....
    honda250xtitan ·
    Hey you have Total Chaos ucas right? I'm trying to find some less than what prg charges, i saw on they sell the tc ones for 680, was wondering if you had bought them for cheaper than that.
    Brennan Hale ·
    Hey how are you doing? I see your Titan around Burbank alot.. I also worked at the Handy market and beleive we spoke once or twice regarding your truck. NICE TRUCK! I want to get the same type of suspension with the UCA's and coil overs and rear shocks, and thank you for the rear shock feedback, i was also wondering what Gear ratio is good to use on these trucks. i also have 35 xtreme a/t. so get back to me when you can. Thanks.
    jgerber ·
    So I made it to Willow with the trailer and the car in it. The only problem is I couldn't do over 43mph. The trailer swayed way too much. Going to back the car in when I leave and see if that makes a difference. Otherwise truck pulled like a champ!

    titanridinghigh ·
    holyy cow!
    Ive been looking for some for about 2 years now..
    Ive offered 2 people at my school with BT $200 as well as them getting better gas mileage, to exchange their axles with mine...
    but people dont really want to deal with it lol
    loufish ·
    Well, I did for several months, but sorry to tell you they are gone...They were in great condition...And yes I gave them away for free...
    chipreibel ·
    Loufish -

    It sounds like you are running a similar set-up to mine and wanted to ask you a question - Will I need airbags?

    I picked up my lift kit from PRG and installed it over the weekend:

    - RadFlow coil-overs (new PRG/RF shock & hat design) w/ 600lb springs
    - Upper Control Arms
    - Deaver Mini-pack (1.5")
    - Shackles (using lowest setting)
    - SAW remote res. rear shocks

    I am heading out to Ocotillo this weekend and will have 3 bikes in the bed (~700lbs) and will be pulling a 25' travel trailer (not a toy-hauler) with a weight-distribution hitch. I typically don't carry this much weight in the bed, I usually only carry 2 bikes (~500lbs) in the bed.

    My question is this - Do I need airbags for this set-up, or will I be okay without them? How much sag should I expect if I didn't use the airbags - I would expect that I would be at about 1,000lbs between the bikes and tongue load.

    Thanks in advance!
    - Chip
    [email protected]
    (310) 974-2719
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