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  • squashee13 ·
    hey Chas

    think its time to get me some bilstein 5100 for my 2011 titan pro 4x. do i need the 5100's all around or 5100's in front
    and 5125's in back? not really concerned with lifting for looks, i want performance as i take my titan in the mountains
    on some rough trails. i am also planning on getting a 1.5 PRG leveling kit for the front. thoughts or advice would be great.
    just let me know the price so i can purchase them from your website later tonight.

    [email protected]
    dow10 ·
    Disregard the last PM I sent you. I'm just gonna call. Figure that will just be easier.

    Pierce ·
    I am wanting to purchase a set of the Fox 2.0 coil-overs for the front and a set of the matching Fox 2.0s for the rear. I have a 2012 Titan Pro-4x. I am stock right now, but am looking for about 2.5 inches of lift. Would I achieve that by these shocks with a 1.5 level spacer on top of the Fox 2.0s in the front and maybe a 1 inch block in the rear? Do I need bigger spacers to achieve that lift?

    Do you have a set of the Fox 2.0s in-stock? Please let me know.

    yourbestbetx3o ·
    any plans on offering a discount on any of the parts for the new Altima, or do you know anything about new parts coming out specifically new coilovers?
    j1dubois ·
    Hey Chas, I bought an AirRaid MXP CAI back in May of this year. Great product, easy install, awesome performance and you gave me a really good price for being a TitanTalk member. Now I need a Koyo all aluminum radiator (2010 Titan 4x4 SE CC 5.6L reg fuel) and cap if necessary. I know I need an external Trans Cooler (I will go to Oregon Performance unless you can get me the TruCool SR4588 and TruCool External Thermal bypass p#708-4739P6). Please let me know as soon as you can what your best price is. To no one's surprise, mine has failed and the motorcycle riding up north has gotten a little chilly in the mornings.
    Jon Dubois (j1dubois)
    Lee-the-Impaler ·
    are there any products out there you'r aware of that are upgrade/beefier front CVs for a titan 4x4? all my net searching is coming up empty
    BigA ·

    Looking for a price on this cover for my new truck a 2014 Ram 1500 with 6'4"Bed?

    chriscpr84 ·
    Hey Chas, I was interested in the Airaid MXP oil filter along with the Throttle body spacer. Was wanting to see if you did a combo deal on it.

    mizat1369 ·
    Hey Chas what's the best price you can give me for the Borla XR1 40944 muffler? I found it for $129 through That's the lowest price I have found and through taps site with the titan talk discount it was $150. Is this the best offer? Thankyou
    gr8titan ·
    Hey Chaz,

    I just realized yesterday when I opened the other box during my install that one of the Bilstein 5100 front shocks I ordered from your company DID NOT have a "washer". Can you ship me one ASAP? I tried to get a pair at Pep Boys and Auto Zone for a similar "washer" but none is available. I hate to bother you for something as simple as this but I need one. Thanks

    My shipping Address is:

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