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  • drthv8r ·
    saw in your list of mods that you have "lost sway bar." i was wondering what that does to the truck and the pros and cons to it
    giimmelub ·
    :D lol why thank you
    i love norcal, he's so helpful :)
    i think i asked kanger if he had rubbing issues w/ his 6" lift and those wheels, and i feel like he had slight rubbing? i deleted the PM but i'm fairly certain.
    have you considered nitto's 295/70? 34.41" wide and 11.77" width. if i could i'd run those. if i had nobby 33"s i'd probably still rub w/ these mofos.
    that offset graphic is AMAZING!!! thank you for linking me to that!!
    how tall are you sitting? my suspension is still transforming to where i want it at the moment, but i believe my buddy has 18x9s w/ -12offset in 35x12.5 muds. hopefully this week i'll be back to sitting at 41" in the front. if i can convince him, i might be able to put his full size spare on to see how bad it rubs. i'll let you know and will take pics!
    giimmelub ·
    mack, i am so close to selling my wheels. the offset is a nightmare, the cost of tires is ridiculous, they're heavy as &#$%, and i can't air down sufficiently when offroading. but damn they look good!! HAHAHA!
    according to their 305/55/20s are 33.07" tall and 12.6" wide.
    honestly i would ask norcal. this rim width and offset math just does not sit well in my brain. i wanna say they'll stick out 2" rim only but i'm just not sure. let me know what he says though cuz my next wheels will probably be similar to those specs :teethmast
    kanger328 had those exact wheels w/ 35"s and a procomp lift
    Dallas_Titan ·
    Sounds great Mack. That is what I want to do as well, Dynomax bullets. After reading all of the pages one night of Eddie's thread, they do really sound great and hearing/seeing different videos. Right now I have super 44 FM, just muffler swap but I want to do that same set up in the thread but add the walker b-pipes......Walker b-pipes > FM Y collector > single dynomax bullet. Also adding electric cutouts which I am getting either before or after the b-pipes but if yours become available, then maybe I could take yours off your hand :)
    Dallas_Titan ·
    How are the Walker b-pipes working for you? I am planning on getting some for my next set of mods and wanted feedback from someone whose got them on. A bit louder? I want to say performance but not sure if it really does increase performance.

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