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  • kzablotsky ·
    I have a 2009 Nissan titan pro4x and I am trying to install a aftermarket amp and sub under the drivers seat. I have installed RCA directly to the orginal sub wires for the rockford sub but it doesn't seem like the wires have much power becasuse the amp wont even turn on with the auto on feature. I then ran a ignition on wire to the remote connector on the amp and it all comes on but the sound is crap from the sub. Do I need a LOC to boost the signal? the way it is connected is br/w+ Br- Bl- Wh+
    is there a better way possibly for the 2009 with rockford factory system?

    Justinwursten ·
    Hi! My names justin, I have some questions about your famous RF rca adapter harness! I have an 04 Titan king cab LE with the RF audio in it. I want to keep everything stock except I want to add I sub and amp I already have that will fit under the back seat! I have ran the battery and ground wires to the amp. I just need a bit of help with the turn on wire and the RCA's! Would you be so kind to help me with what to do?? Haha
    nissanshaun ·
    Hey I am interested in purchasing a harness for a 2014 Nissan Titan with Rockford Fosgate sound system. I do not want to use the LOC setup, and prefer the best sound quality possible.
    robmooney ·
    do you still make the harness that plugs in to the titan Rockford fosgate sound system to run an aftermarket amp? if so I would like to buy one if you still make them or if you don't could you tell me where I can buy the harness plugs. I have a 2009 titan pro 4x
    Thanks Robert
    Jfeeldz ·
    Hey MB I would like to purchase one of your harnesses. I have a 2014 PRO 4 x with RF system. For now I'm just adding sub/amp combo but might eventually bypass everything and amplify some aftermarket speakers. Could I purchase both harnesses from you please?
    Jasp3r ·

    I read a few posts and see you were able to create wire harness for the RF head unit to allow hooking RCA to use low level rather than having to use a LOC in order to connect an external Amp.

    I was wondering if you would be willing to build another for me or at the very least tell me which harness and wires I need to tap to build my own?

    I have a 2010 Titan with the RF system no Nav system. I installed a new amp and subs and they sound ok but I have never been a fan of using a LOC as there is too much conversion drop etc and would rather just tap into the front or rear RCA instead. I currently have the head unit pulled out which lead me to reading sites and saw that you essentially did this too and the idea of putting a harness between would be perfect.

    Turbo2159 ·
    hey I was wanting to know if you could make me one of your connecters that hooks inline to the HU. I have the RF HU and I'm wanting to add another amp.
    I am just needing the connector that has the two RCA hook ups and leaves the OEM amp running the rest of my speakers.
    My email is [email protected] It would be easier for me to communicate this was. I work night shift right now so my replies might be delayed.

    Usernameunknown ·
    Hi i was browsing the audio forums on here and saw a lot of posts about a harness you make to tie into the stock HU. I have a JL clean sweep id like to use with jl c3 components and a tw-5 all powered by an hd 750/1 and an hd600/4. could you help me out with a harness to provide signal to the cleansweep? thanks in advance -blake
    SoPitted ·
    I see you're a big advocate for the stock HU with your RCA hookups you made. I too would like to retain the stock HU. The RCA plugs you made, is it only for the sub amp? Or did you also make one for the door speakers?
    gemyrae75 ·
    I am sorry, but I have lost your emaill address to send you money through paypal. I have looked through my messages and I either erased it or you never gave it. If you will, give it to me again so I can get you your money. Thanks a bunch! oh btw your inbox is full, couldn't send this via pm...

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