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  • zac o wacko ·
    I went with the 20x8.5 Spy with 5.5" OEM backspacing ... XD79728568318 20x8.5 18 5.46 6x139.7 (6X5.5). 33" LT305/55R20. I'll post some pics when i get em on.
    NorCal 4x4 ·
    Yes! At least I definitely plan to be there. Probably the kids ... maybe the wife. :)
    mrmags brought up the idea ... I suggested the time and place. But it's not a sanctioned event. Everyone is responsible for their own admission, actions etc.

    The nice thing about everyone either bringing their own food, or running into Folsom for lunch is nobody gets stuck working the grill, or buying 30 lbs. too much hamburger etc.

    Anyway, it should be nice ... especially after the rain we had. Even if it doesn't rain anymore, it should help with the dust, the fine red clay was getting bad last time I was out there.
    NorCal 4x4 ·
    With a CST 4" spindle the best chance would be 18x9 6x139.7 0mm offset = 5" BS, but they will rub more at the pinch weld.
    SlikRick ·
    Hey dude, I have a question for you whichof these can I runwith 325/65-18 NittoTG's?
    18x9 6x139.7 0mm offset = 5" BS
    18x9 6x139.7 14mm offset = 5.55" BS
    18x9 6x139.7 30mm offset = 6.2" BS
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