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  • SouthernLion ·
    Hey Osiris,

    As I was lurking through the message boards, I came across your truck. I really like your lift/wheel and tire combo. I'm looking to lift my truck as well. Do you still have the Rough Country 6" lift with Bilstein 5100's/5125's and the 1.5" PRG BL? Any suggestions before I get started if you would do something differently after having that set up? Thanks.

    -LE_TRBL- ·
    Hi Osiris,

    You seem to be very accurate and helpful with members questions about rims/wheels items.

    I have one and hope you can help

    I need tires for my truck and I know the GM rim fits our trucks. I've found a set steelies that we're on a escalade, with a 17 inch rim. Do I need a wheel spacer or wheel adapter?

    09titanblue ·
    Hey. New to the forum looking for some wheel/tire advise u seem to b the go to guy. I would like to do a 18x9 with a 325 60 is that possible with a +18mm offset? from what i read its possible but how much trimming will b involved my truck is a 09 cc 4x4 btw.
    Fstmax ·
    Hello my name is Kelvin I'm very new to the Titan. From what I have seen and read you are the guy to go to about wheels. I have put the 2" leveling kit on my truck. My question is would a set of 305/55/20 **** Cepeks Radial F-C2 along with a set of MB Torque 20x9 with 18mm offset fit? Also I keep seeing this pwm that people have to do what is that?

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