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  • Khip ·
    Hey, Ive been a member on TT for a little while and i would like to join the club but dont fully understand it. What does being a member entail exactly? I understand that you must follow all forum rules which i have absolutely no problem doing and always have. Other than that i dont really know exactly what it means but am quite interested because I love all the help from the great people on here as well as our trucks and would like to support/rep this family. Any other info would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks, Hunter
    TapoutTitan ·
    I recommend a flowmonster x pipe from ebay. I installed it with true dual pypes violators and no secondary cats to get an excellent sounding growl. You can look it up on youtune. Nissan titan pypes exhaust. also check out my channel. I've had quite a bit of luck beefing up my truck. TapoutTitan26 on youtube
    BIGGEST610 ·
    Hey Papa, I am looking at exhaust options for my Titan and would really love the nismo exhaust but i am worried about how loud it is. I read somewhere that you had the nismo and added an x pipe and said that it was like a silencer on a gun. I guess i was just wondering if u could tell me personally how it sounded and what type of x pipe u had installed.
    Thanks in advance
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