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  • Titan03 ·
    Hey Greg, I have a 2006 Nissan Titan 4X4. Just ordered the Bilstein HD from you guys and wanted to level the truck by adding a 2 inch spacer with the HD's. should I be ok with that combo and stock UCA?
    jakejc ·
    Hey man I was trying to pm you about some ucas but your box is full can you call me or text me please 505 917 0037 thanks
    ahead.207 ·
    Hay there Greg, Im writing for a quick question. I spoke with you a few weeks ago about installing 3in blocks in the rear of truck, my question is if I will have any issues with my stock shocks in the rear. I had someone tell me that I may have issue with my shocks being to short, as you can tell I dont know much about this whole thing I just buy whats needed and have it installed. The end results will be a 1.5" leveled in frount and 2.5-3" block in rear. Bottom line do you see any issues with this setup? For more info I do always carry 600lb's or so in back of truck, its my work truck. Thanks a bunch I really appreciate it I know you are very busy.
    TitanAtlas ·
    hi Greg, I got a 07 titan 2wd with a 2.5 prg lvling kit. I've been researching ride quality of adding 4" rear blocks because I want to add a 4" spindle with the lvling kit. The whole point is to take the titan offroad, moderate offroading nothing crazy. I can't find any reviews or comments/questions about 4" ride quality for off road or reliability. I would really appreciate your inputs, thanks! p.s. I don't really want to spend money on the deaver springs if I don't have too.
    12BRAVO ·
    I have a 04 Titan cc 4x4, and i already have brand new bilstien 5100's to go on the front, and i also have the 1.5" leveling kit from PRG I want the Titan level and still have good ride quality and i also have a set of 325/60-18 cooper STT that are going on with this so what would be the best set up with this stuff as far as if i should use the spacers or not what setting should the shocks be set on cause i don't want any contact under there but i want it level and be able to fit the tires i have with out any problems so how should i do this? I heard you were the man to see about this stuff. I appreciate any help!
    DM-TITAN ·
    Hey Greg, I recently purchased a 08 Titan Pro4X Crew Cab. I want to put a lift onto it so I can install Bigger more aggressive tires and have a lifted look. I just don't know really whats the best way to go. I have looked into all the types of lifts and most likely will end up going with a leveling kit because they are fairly cheap and don't reduce the toughness of the truck like a body lift does. I was just wondering what you recommended. I was thinking of the rough country 3" leveling kit for $299.99 but was wondering if there are any other kits out there that may be better or could maybe give me closer to a 6" lift. I had heard that if I want to use a leveling lift I need to get one for the rear as well so I can have the same stock stance with the front being lower than the bed as opposed to completely level, is that true? Also would you maybe recommend a 3" leveling kit and a 3" body lift?? Anyways I hope you can help, I'm very confused as to what to do.

    Thanks, Dave
    triplethreat ·
    I have a PRG mini lift on my 06 crew cab 4x4 and was looking to get new shocks. I may want to get a little more lift out of my truck while I am at it. I use my truck as my daily commuter as well as my hunting truck so I need a good suspension. What are your suggestions on what to get? Would I have to take off my mini lift to get what I am looking for? PM me if possible. Thanks for your time

    Tres Garcia
    TitanFTW ·
    Hi Greg,

    I have a 2011 pro-4x CC and was wondering if 5100s and icons in the rear were the way to go. My understanding is that the 5100s will level the truck right? Will I need any other suspension components if I go this route? How much will this setup cost from PRG?

    Thanks for your time Greg.

    Sorry to bother you but after all this researching and headaches I thought you be the best person to talk to for some advice.

    I just recently lowered my 2006 2wd Titan and supposedly a 2/5" drop but i'm pretty sure is not a true 2/5".

    I need your help...

    My setup,
    Front: Belltech drop struts with factory springs. Drop spindles soon when I have $ lol

    Rear:3" de-arched (factory leafs spring). Also, 2" drop shackles by (Spring Tech) with Belltech street performance shocks and cut quarter inch off bump stops and I'm pretty much riding on bump stops and bottoms out. I think the de-arched leafs settled and I'f you could please guide me with another option....

    I'm looking for the leveled look so I'm wondering if I would go with the Rear: 4" belltech leaf pack with flip kit and keep the Front with the belltech lowering struts and set it 0..will it level it???

    I'm looking for more travel and dont haul anything....

    Thanks again for your help!
    mfield ·
    hey greg. i have a pro comp I lift that i got from ya a few years ago. the rear is sagging a bit. i got the billsteins from ya more recently. i also tow a big boat. can you recommend air bags for my application? firestone any good? also there seems to be some confusion on the mount type. there is sport and ride rite. any input.
    Z-Ya Later ·
    Hi Greg,

    Number one your PM box is full.

    My name's Paul Jenner. I bought a used spindle lift from Jay in Texas but the brake lines were shot.

    Jay said he ordered new brake lines for me today from your shop. They were to be direct shipped to me,
    probably to my buddies shop address:

    Kyle Plumbing

    I wanted to pay the extra to get expedited shipping if the lines have not shipped out already.

    I will try to call you Friday morning or shoot me a PM.

    sctitan10 ·
    hey im interested in the 4'' spindle lift. I have a 2010 xe 2ws. i want to put 295/70/18 nitto terra grapplers with it. Im very new to lifts and such and all the help you can offer is greatly appreciated. if the 4'' spindle lift kit will work for me, what kind of deal can you work out for me, if any? as im in desperate need of help lol. this is a serious inquiry, if the price is right im ready to buy. also how hard would installation be?
    RollinPresidential ·
    Hey Greg,

    I am in the market for a "slightly" used set of coilovers for the front of my vehicle to replace the Bilstein 5100's I am currently running. Do you have a used set lying around or know of any good deals on them.

    DodgeDerek ·
    Greetings. First I'd like to say thanks for supporting a site like this and the Titan truck. I've admired your products quite a bit since I first jumped on here.

    I have a question regarding the front suspension on the Titan, more specifically the front axle assembly. As I'm sure you've seen and heard, quite a few owners have suffered from the axle shafts pulling out and dumping oil as well as ruining various parts. My front diff from my 2004 is currently in my garage while I try to figure out how to avoid shelling out over $1000 for a new front assembly. I bought my truck used in November with almost a 100,000 miles on it and promptly installed a leveling kit and new tires. During the cold snap and snow, my driver's side axle shaft dropped out and spilled a bunch of oil as well as ruining the seal on that side. After talking with fellow owners on a few threads, I have discovered that the differential assembly from 2004-2006 is at least 1/4 narrower than the new assembly that Nissan sources to fix this problem (the $1000+ part). I know for sure that the case was strengthened, but Nissan also changed the circlips they used to keep the axleshafts in, almost doubling the force required to pull them out from 600 to 1,000 from what I saw.

    With regards to the fact that Nissan did widen the front assembly, do you believe it might be beneficial to add spacers in between the axle and CV shafts? I think the big rash of front axle failures we saw were related to a combination of cold weather causing the tolerances to slip, the force being too low to begin with, the rubber boots being cold and stiff and the added torque from 4wd and snow rocking the axle shafts out. I remember reading a thread (and I can't find it now) where another shop had recommended to a member having this issue that the CV axles could stand being longer.

    Hopefully this wasn't too long and I would really like to hear your thoughts on this one. Thanks.

    Derek Brown
    chase_808 ·
    Hey PrerunnerGreg,
    I broke a cv axle on my 04 titan with the pro comp lift and I was wondering if buying extended cv axles would do the trick. It started out popping every once in a while then almost all the time. Then finally it gave out and broke, and I replaced it and now its starting to pop again...any ideas??
    thanks, chase_808
    xxjoker19xx ·
    Hey Greg-- I have heard you are the person to come to when it comes to suspension lifts. I have an 08 CC LE 2wd Titan and have considered lifting it. I have heard some local people complaining about the Pro Comp system and keeping them aligned. I was wondering what you recommend me doing in the way of a level ~6 inch lift. I use my Titan on a daily basis and usually pull a 12 enclosed tandem axle trailer. I am lifting the truck more for looks than anything. I have not completely decided on the size tire for now. I would probably go for th 33's just because of the amount of traveling I do. Your imput is greatly appreciated.
    CajunTitanMac ·
    hey greg, i sent one of my boys to your site and i think he was supposed to order your leveling kit... were you guys able to hook him up with what he was looking for...thanks for the help! keep in touch... i should be ordering some stuff for my truck in the near future...again, thanks, Layne
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