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  • Titanjunkie ·
    Hello man,

    I've seen your post about the fuel filter and I was wondering if its really in the tank. I have a 2004 titan which I bought second handed so I would like to know how to change/clean this thing. I have a performance air filter but I don't think this alone is giving me the terrible mpg...honestly I av to visit the gas station twice or 3x per week..pls give me some tips
    Raymac1215 ·
    Hi, I have a 2006 Titan,33,000miles w/Transmission temperature guage. For unkown reason it went to full Hot and stayed there for a week, now it dropped down to below "C" for no reason and then moved up slightly when I drove it. When I turn the key off all the guages go to zero position except for this trans temp guage. The Dealer pulled the sensor wire off and said it is the guage cluster. What do you think? Also does this guage normally go to (zero) when the engine is shut off. I really never paid much attention to it since I don't tow. Thanks for your time.
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