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  1. 2009 1/2 Ton Comparison

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    Your right, the 5.7 is all 390hp. The r/t is under the sport trim.
  2. Can a Titan stop a boat like this Dodge did?

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    I'm surprised a boat that size didn't have trailer brakes, not that it would've matter in this case, but no doubt the boat and trailer combo is over 4k. When in a wreck with boat in tow, it is common for the boat to launch forward over the tow'er. The only thing holding the boat onto the...
  3. 2009 1/2 Ton Comparison

    Titan General Discussion
    From what I understood, all rams is 380hp with the exception of the r/t which has 390hp.
  4. Heavy Duty Titan On The Way!

    Nissan Titan News
    This should spark peoples interest. Last month Chrysler LLC and Nissan Motor Company jointly announced Chrysler would build the next iteration of Nissan's Titan half-ton pickup at Chrysler’s plant in Saltillo, Mexico, based on the 2009 Dodge Ram 1500. Nissan reps said the new Titan would retain...
  5. News On The Tundra

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    Here's why the silverado dyno's low and spiked towards teh end.
  6. News On The Tundra

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  7. Tailgate weight restriction?

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    14 sheets of 1/2" 4'x8'.
  8. Raced a tundra after Uprev

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    That's right, this is what they put down to the ground. Tranny gear X Axel ratio = output drive. 3.36 for the titan and 4.30 for the tundra. 1st 12.86:1 14.31:1 2nd 07.96:1 08.42:1 3rd 05.10:1 05.80:1 4th 03.36:1 04.30:1 5th 02.78:1 03.13:1 6th ------- 02.53:1 Though...
  9. Raced a tundra after Uprev

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    These are the tranny gears only. Tow pkg/lower axel ratio doesn't change the tranny gearing. But tow pkg/lower axel ratio does improve off the line pick up.
  10. Raced a tundra after Uprev

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    Titan Tundra 5552cc 5.6 liters V8 5663cc 5.7 liters V8 1st 3.83:1 3.33:1 2nd 2.37:1 1.96:1 3rd 1.52:1 1.35:1 4th 1.00:1 1.00:1 5th 0.83:1 0.73:1 6th ------ 0.59:1 Not quite, as you...
  11. Me, next to a new Tundra

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  12. Popular Mechanics chooses Titan#1!

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    I think that was edmunds. The one they tested was a doublecab, lighter than this crewmax, which is near 500lbs heavier than the titan. I guess that's where the extra power went, still something this heavy moves pretty darn quick. Wish they made them lighter but that's hopeless now-a-days. It's...
  13. Nissan News (Titan included)

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    Gm's worried their inefficient drivetrain can't lay it down to the tarmac.
  14. Nissan News (Titan included)

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    If they tundra's 5.7 can crank out 381hp and 405lbtq, there's no reason why the titan can't, after all they're both big breathing DOHC, just add VVT to the endurance and whola. I still wonder what the domestic's sale numbers are if they remove the 3/4 and up class from their total figures.
  15. 2007 Toyota Tundra

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    So does the ram, so what's it prove.