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  • crowe ·
    Hey just curios I have pro4x and looking at the RC lift as well, love your truck btw but curios what size tires your running? Thanks
    nammysu ·
    I saw your name on this site:
    The 2 Degree Advance

    Looks like you have the tools and willingness to perform the 2 degree advance mod. Do you still do this? I'd love to have it done to my Armada.

    Let me know.
    Milehigh Titan ·
    Hey Roy nice truck. I have been looking and cannot find where you are all buying the replacement bulbs for the fog lights. Did some reading and off the top of my head they are the 6k 35 watt lights. I see on your sig reading a thread you have done this. What, and where did you get them please?

    Thanks for your time
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