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  • skyshark186 ·
    Yup 600 works for me since its short the brake lines.

    No problem. I can just drop everything and put it all back together.

    Pro Printing
    200 East B street
    North Platte, Ne 69101

    Get me a paypal and Ill "gift" you some money. Thanks
    thesilvertitan ·
    Okay I'm gonna box up the stuff tonight so I'll need your address to the business to get an exact qoute for you....I did grab some buts and bolts from work if you need some and threw a little paint on some stuff for you till it ran So you offered me 600, was that right? And a hint, cuz I welded the two sub frames's gonna be easier to just drop the whole front diff and bolt it into the new one and put it up in there...that's helpful, I think there directions suck so I did it my way and it was a lot easier. I will send PC direction with it though...thanks
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