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  1. 1AAuto towing mirrors--plate needed??

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Had no problems. Drivers side mirror is great, passenger side mirror seems to be at a bit different angle but they both are much better towing the new camper. Passenger mirror a bit shaky at high speed but not horrible
  2. Head lights

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Hey LS...... Which lights did you buy?? looking to upgrade mine and getting mixed reviews looking on amazon and the like. Thanks,
  3. 1AAuto towing mirrors--plate needed??

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Hey Everyone, I feel like this has been a topic that has been out there for a while but i can't quite get a a clear answer. I have a 2010 Crew Cab SE that I just installed tow mirrors from 1AAuto. I am happy with the way they fit but don't see a need for the re-enforcement plates provided...
  4. How much is too much?

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    I just bought mine down here in FL for 12K....2010 2wd Crew Cab with just under 100K miles, so doesn't sound too high for 4WD
  5. Hey everyone

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    Finally got my truck.....2010 SE Crew Cab with less than 100K miles. Super excited about being able to tow the camper, trailer and haul whenever I want. Looking forward to some great info here in the Forums. Thanks, MIKE