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  • beason ·
    hey man, sorry for this, but you PM's are full.

    I saw your thread on installing projectors and i had a question for you. I bought a set of headlights with projectors already installed by someone else. the problem is they point WAY down. i have to crank the aim all the way up just to see, and that makes my high beams point to the trees.

    any idea why? mistake on installation? upside down?
    Rokoneer ·
    Spoonman, consider that extra set of splash guards SOLD as long as they are black and will fit a Pro-4x with both the utility box door and fender flares. How ever you'd like to be paid is fine with me....

    Thanks so much,

    [email protected]
    Ggdavid ·
    Hey I was wondering if you had any square fog lights left if not maybe where I could get some. Another user told me he got his from you.
    chozn1 ·
    Cool, I think I will either send through Fedex or UPS, usps was like 25 dollars higher. What is your mailing address? My paypal address [email protected] I tried to reply to the private message but it said you have exceeded your box.
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