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  • Dallas_Titan ·
    Haha, know what? I think we are the only ones. Who stay on consistently. I remember a green one from LA. who had 26's but he hasn't been on in forever. Man that's some great times dude, especially for us having big rims. I'm hoping to see some lower numbers once I get my new tune back after logging some more. I had to update Osiris.
    Dallas_Titan ·
    What up 24" brotha'. Guess you and I are the main ones rockin 24"s and still hauling a$$. I was messing around with 0-60 with Cipher and did a 6.66 from 0-60 without getting it tuned up properly yet.
    jakejc ·
    hey man I bought the spyder projectors hoping for a lot but recieving little out of the projector I'm looking to replace the projector and keep every thing else on it what would you suggest doing? Like what projector and what size I'm going to buy tonight so I can get this done as fast as possible my projectors now hop whenever I hit small bumps in the road and just don't seem to be cutting it any advice would be appreciated thanks
    here is my number as well 5059170037
    Maddox ·
    Dude, your sig pic is probably the coolest ive seen on TT. just lettin you know! where you at in texas?
    deathmachine ·
    yo sumair dude i want to smoke my tail lights real soon we gotta get together. i just dont know the legal standards in texas
    albonismo ·
    i dunno. I felt bad that you didn't have any friends so I had to add you. everyone needs a, jk bro
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