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  • goleboy33 ·
    00leland00 ·
    Hey man,
    I bought one of your enclosures with 2 RE 10's second hand. Now I need an amp. I don't see the RE's on your site any more, can you make a suggestion, or do you have one that will fit an 06 Titan king cab? I'm in the Savannah area, not sure where your shop is.

    307Titan ·
    Good afternoon sir.

    I am finally back in a Titan loving it.

    I am putting Massive Audio Summo 8 subwoofer in the truck which is where I have questions for you:

    1. What will you charge to build a single under seat, forward firing box for this sub to its required specs I don't need it carpeted or painted. Just wood with routered edges.
    2. What is your lead time on something like this?
    3. If you are a ways out time wise, would would it cost for you to design this box and send my the build set with a cut list and I can build it?

    I appreciate you time and help on this matter.

    I look forward to hearing back from you shortly!
    FatAzzRunner ·
    I was advised on TT to contact you for the hook up. This is the message I posted in the audio / visual section on TT:

    Just picked up the above mentioned truck and it has the RF system in it but I'm really not too impressed. I have never had a "system" before and don't listen to rap and don't need tons of bass but I expected much more and it's just kind of...............................blah.

    We have on 08 Altima Coupe with the Bose stereo and it sounds MUCH better than the RF.

    I don't want to change the head unit and I don't want to cut anything up. Are there any good/simple plug 'n play options to make this stereo sound better?
    jonesyjones10 ·
    Hey bud i got some questions about speakers and issues im having. Get back with me when you get a chance so we could talk about it. Thanks
    JAG4AU ·
    Mr. 12volt, I have a electrical question concerning my titan. I had a new JVC headunit installed a month or so ago. Saturday night when I put my lights on High beam the stereo would shutoff and come back on. Now my truck will not start at all. I replaced the IPDM and installed a new battery. My question is could the stereo install have anything to do with my problem?
    lrob27 ·
    Tech I know you done some install with P-Dizzle. He did my titan back in 07. i'm having a power issue would you have any idea where he would have mounted the distribution block under the dash? i don't want to pull it all apart if it's easily accessible. Thx The box i got from you still sounds great 7 yrs later.
    101ramon101 ·
    hey tech 12 im a little confused on what subs to go with on that post you put about the guy that won that spl contest he has the re sxx 10" rated at 1000watts rms correct? or or did he have the 10" re sex sub rated at 600rms. I want the loudest setup i can go with
    Phatdonkey ·
    Hey buddy, got a question for you. Bout a new HU and got the metra harness too. Its the 70-7552 but says for subaru only on it. Is that normal? Figured youd be the guy to ask. Thanks in advance.
    jimmyak47 ·
    Wondering if u make a box for under the back seat for 12s. And two boxes for the front seats 10s wanted to use all kicker cvt shallow mount .
    RancidMDC ·
    Hey what's goin on. i've got a question to ask you which I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere but I have an 06' Nissan Titan LE with nav and dual A/C controls and the fosgate stereo package. well I want to replace the stock factory radio with a double din touch screen but I cant find a dash kit for that. I realize I will have to relocate my nav controls elsewhere which isnt a problem but my A/C controls are displayed on the Nav and I can't/don't need to move those. any input would be greatly appreciated attached is a picture of what I have
    reds_titan ·
    just a thought on your newest raffle, how about opening it up to other products like the last one? I wanna try out the Citrus Cleaner but i want more tickets...haha. Hope you guys make enough to have a great vacation!
    ean1879 ·
    Hello Tech12. Saw your "sale" and thought I'd write you. I have a new 2012 Titan Crew Cab and would like a box that would fit (2) 12w3v2 JL Audio subs. They need 1.25 sq/ft per each sub. Is this something you could do with them fitting entirely underneath the rear seat?

    Thank you

    titan_dork ·
    I am interested in purchasing one of your under seat eight inch sub kits. But before I do I want to ask.... Where does the amplifier mount (does it mount to sub enclosure?)? Or where do you recommend mounting it? I need to keep rear seat storage open, for my fishing gear and other hobbies. Thanks.
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