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  • OneQuick06 ·
    I live in Gonzales. I'd like a meet-up, as there's a bunch of us in the area. Thing is, where to do it, because the heat is so dang oppressive right now.
    OneQuick06 ·
    Hey man, another bayou boy on here I see. I'm surprised I haven't noticed your posts here until now. Looks like La represents well.
    HaynTitan ·
    Hello, just leveled my Titan and am considering your same tires (305/65/18) on my stock rims. Any comments/pictures would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You!!!
    TecheTitan ·
    No, I don't have access to any dyno's unfortunately. My opinion is that if you want to simply enhance performance and are not planning any major modifications (cams, headers, etc) the BD is great. If you are looking for maximum performance and or racing the 1/4 mile just bite the bullet and buy Uprev.
    All I have is an AEM intake and JBA catback exhaust and it is quicker for sure.
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