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  • duynewcom ·
    Mề đay là phản ứng của mao chữa dị ứng nổi mề đay mạch trên da với những yếu tố khác nhau gây nên phù cấp hoặc mạn tính tại trung bì. Mề đay là bệnh ngoài da phổ biến, do nhiều yếu tố khác nhau gây ra, dễ nhận biết thuốc trị nổi mề đay nhưng lại rất khó tìm được nguyên nhân chính xác dấu hiệu bệnh nổi mề đay gây bệnh
    Josh George ·
    I've read several of the forms and just want to check myself. I have an 04 Titan that I ordered bilstein 5100 front and back with new upper control arms. Also ordered 2 inch levelling spacers. My plan is to level the truck and leave the 5100s on the lowest setting. Two questions 1 with this set up do you think my truck will be level and two why do people replace the springs with 08 and newer Titan springs?

    Thank you for your help,
    Oh6KingCab ·
    Hey i was just wondering how you got the bigger lights mounted behind your grille. I have the same T-rex grill but have three 4inch lights behind it because that is all that i could fit. How did u make the larger lights fit? Thanks.....Jordan
    can i still cruise over and try on the grille ? i won't need to borrow it, just slap it on and take some pics. let me know if you want to sell it.
    IE Muscle ·
    oh ok. I was thinkin when you spray the vht it would be flat looking. I might man up and do it sat...wish me luck! Thanks for you info once again
    IE Muscle ·
    no clue??? Im just wondering cuz the vht alone is pretty dull looking right? How do you think i could smoke them and keep them somewhat flat. A lil gloss i guess is ok but flat and still look good? If its possible
    IE Muscle ·
    hey i was wondering if i spray them and wet sand them, and not use clear coat how will they look? I kinda dont want them soo glossy since any black on my truck is bedliner or flat black paint. Maybe just do 1 coat of clear to protect the vht from fading a lot? Just wondering what you think since yours came out absolutely perfect.
    thebassn8tr ·
    Always doin family time but you can text me when ever. Here is the step by step that I used and edited the way I did it:

    First I taped off the reverse lights making sure I got it as perfect as possible, and then also taped off the holes for the light bulbs.

    Next I wet sanded them with 600 grit sandpaper,

    This brought them to a nice dull hazy finish.

    I then hit them with the night shades with a nice even light coat making sure that I didnt get over eager and get runs. I repeated this 3 more times bringing the total coats to 4.

    After that it was time for the clear, (use automotive clear) this is when I took the tape off the reverse lights so that I could clear the entire light and prevent damage at the ridge where the nightshades met the unpainted reverse light. Anyway before clearing I wet sanded with 800 grit, then put on a coat of clear, let that dry, wet sanded with 1500 grit and then repeated 3 more times (clear, sand wet sand with 1500, clear, wet sand 1500, etc.)bringing the coats to at least 4. I actually use the whole can of clear for tails and third together! You want to make sure there are no low spots after you get done wet sanding for the final time. The last time I wet sanded I went with 2000 grit. Let dry for 24hrs.

    and then right into the polishing.

    After you wet sand the clear for the last time you dont want to see any shiny spots, these are low spots. When you polish if you leave these low spots they will be noticeable.

    Then hit it with the polishing compound, same process, polish on it for awile until you can start to feel it get warm or stickier under the polishing pad, then take your clean terry cloth or microfiber and clean it off.

    Last was the wax. For most wax you want to leave it on until it dries and has a hazy finish and then wipe clean. I put on 4 coats of wax as well.
    IE Muscle ·
    hey i grabbed some vht and clear coat. When should i wet sand them? at the end of the vht coats? each coat? what gritt? text me if you can cuz ill be workin on the T all day 951-496-0488 Didnt want to text you out of nowhere incase you were doing family time
    thebassn8tr ·
    Ya I used like a whole can of clear coat. Let them dry at least 48 hrs then I just used polishing compound with a t-shirt then car wax.
    IE Muscle ·
    thanks bud..did you polish them? i just wanna spray and throw some clear on i guess i gotta find a good day to actually wet sand them that many have just met up with
    IE Muscle · not yet..her due date is today actually..still a drs appointment tue, maybe she will get induced then. jonblazed just called me right now too to see if my babygirl came yet. well i was just checkin with you before i went and bought some vht. hopefully it comes out clean looking
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