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  1. Go OHIO STATE!!

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    Ohio State! OSU! OSU!
  2. Let it Snow Let it Snow Let it Snow!!!

    Titan General Discussion
    UP as in Michigan? If so, us Michigandors need to get together! Colin
  3. Compustar Remote Start + what immobilizer bypass?

    Titan General Discussion
    I have searched, and didn't find the answer to this question... What immobilizer bypass should I use for a Compustar 2WSS-S install on an 04 SE? I know that DEI makes bypass's like the 555U, etc... but can these be used with a different brand of an alarm? Thanks!
  4. Titan, Back at the dealership...

    Titan General Discussion
    Sorry to hear about the issues - For a little humor, if you have 24k on it now, 30k from now it will be at 54k. Your powertrain warranty is 60k!!! good luck!
  5. Moving on....

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    Rob, What dealership did you work for? Where are you going to work? I am moving back up to Lansing in about 2 weeks. In a year or so I was planning to come and find you! Gotta upgrade... Colin
  6. Palm Tungsten T5 -with Wifi, Pocket Tunes

    BUMP! Auction ends in 7 hours! Thanks!
  7. What makes us human?

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    Great article!,9171,1541234-1,00.html
  8. Driver's Window Issue

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    Thank you sir! I am bringing my truck in on Friday - to hopefully have this fixed for the second time. I hope they get the issue resolved - this is getting old! Though, I still love the truck 50 thousand miles later!
  9. Palm Tungsten T5 -with Wifi, Pocket Tunes

    yes, sir! Interested?
  10. Are most titan owners short or tall?

    Off-Topic Discussion
    6'6" - 280. This was the deciding factor when looking at trucks! Although, I wouldn't own anything else!
  11. My radio died!!!

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    I have not had this issue, but the dealer is a good choice. One other thing you could do would be to take the negative batt. cable off for about an hour. The radio (if you don't already know) has a constant power lead for the clock, ect. If you un-do the cable, it will lose all power. That...
  12. Palm Tungsten T5 -with Wifi, Pocket Tunes

    Thanks! I will change it! I had a change of thought for shipping price half way through! For TT users I will ship for free!
  13. Palm Tungsten T5 -with Wifi, Pocket Tunes

    Fellow Titan owners, I have listed my Palm Tungsten T5 on ebay, but wanted to guage interest here as well! I recently upgraded my cell phone to a HP Ipaq - so I don't need this anymore. I will include a Wifi card, and Pocket Tunes so you can play WMA, MP3, and stream music from many diff...
  14. What do you guys do for a living?

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    ever been down to Destin, FL? I work at a large resort and International Paper has had many conventions here...
  15. Driver's Window Issue

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    Thanks for the bump, tjthack. Mine is real bad! I have to help the window up with quite a bit of force when leaving a drive through, ect. Will you tell me what our service invoice says when you get it back? thanks, Colin