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  • timith ·
    Hello! I am another new member looking to join MVP titans. I just joined the fb page, too. I live in shady side, just south of you in Annapolis. Let me know what you need from me, and nice to 'meet' you.
    dow10 ·
    John, I just found out that work is sending me out of town the week of the meet in Gatlinburg (sucks!!) so I'm not going to be able to attend. However, I have a set of oem headlights that need to get down to redneckpappa (Dale). He said he knows you and I was wondering if you would mind transporting the lights down to him. Let me know if you could deliver them and I'll get up with you to drop them off.

    dow10 ·
    TitanBlue - I'm new to TT but not new to the Titan. Looking on info on the MVP club and it seems as if you are the one to talk to. Any info would be great.

    Dow (Pasadena, MD)
    fullfxtitan ·
    Hey blue! New to the site! Just bought my Titan about 3 weeks ago and I love it! I would deff like to join the MVP club! What do u need from me so I can join? Thanks

    TitanBlue ·
    I had mine done inRaliegh NC. I only found the 4x4 shop in Glen Burnie, but they wanted 480 to install. Way too much. Actually ask the dealer, then there is an old shop in Crofton on rt3north, called Jermans that may do that type of work. My regular mechanic will not do them.
    The Pawnbroker ·
    I don't think I've asked you this before. Who did your TruTrac install and would you recommend them? If not, do you know anywhere in Annapolis I could get one installed? I want to do it before too much longer. At least before we are really into Fall.

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