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  • Smoke05 ·
    Can't hold more than the hitch is rated for, but that goes for any airbag or add a leaf. What it does do is reduce ag, increase stability and reduce axlewrap.
    OKELLY1 ·
    Titanridinghigh your truck looks amazing. I need to know exactly what's done to it. How much lift is in the front and the rear to have that stance. Im redoing my truck from lowered to lifted but I want it to have the stance of yours.
    pipho ·
    I wouldn't do that, I would just get some PRG upper arms and adjust for it. I would think if you bent it once you would do it again as well as pulling a frame is 10x more costly then upper arms.
    blk04titan ·
    i do have it running, and i feel the difference even with the heavy *** 37" race tires... it really did make a difference.... i cnt even begin to think of how its going to feel once i get a 9" with 4.86s!!!
    titanridinghigh ·
    any time.. Im going to be at the Compton 4wheel parts all day this Saturday.. They are having a little truck show with the BBQ going.. Im pretty cool with the guys who work there so they want me to just leave my truck there... id ask you to bring yours, but I hear its in pieces lol
    08pro4x2486 ·
    Nope. I've had those lights in there for 7 months and I've towed a trailer through mountains, driven constantly at 85-95 mph in the summer with no problems. I think our trucks have a pretty good cooling system.
    Darkside ·
    I had Greg re-valve them for the desert just before he left for Norcal. I told him to valve them so I can hit the woops at 45-50 mph. So they ride rough on the street, but awesome in the dirt. I'd definitely be selling them when I cut off the coil bucket and go with the shock hoop.
    04'TexasTitan ·
    Im new to this whole lifting thing and was wondering if you could help me out. I really am doing it for looks not off road performance. Which would be better if i want to fit 20in wheels. A 4in spindle lift with 2in rear block or the front spacer with a 3in bodylift? If you could help that would be awesome!
    Darkside ·
    No, you can't run the bracket lift shocks without a drop bracket lift. SAW and radflo make an 'extended' length c/o that can be used if your retaining the coil bucket, but don't want to get a bracket lift. Greg sells those as well. It really depends on what your goal is for your truck. I gained a lot of suspension performance with getting a better shock and using a PRG uca.
    Darkside ·
    I'm running the bracket lift saws for now. I'll be moving to a shock hoop/engine brace design and a 10" saw c/o with an external res. hopefully in the next month or 2.
    Titan1080 ·
    Ahh, you're venturing away from what I know I'm afraid. It may be possible to have the ABS control unit or even the ECU reflashed to account for a different final drive gear, but I haven't come across anyone who has done that. I'd check through the drivetrain forum, maybe start a thread if you can't find one, good luck!
    Titan1080 ·
    Confirmed 100%, cruise control won't work with the ABS disabled. Set the CC, let it go for a bit then threw the switch, behaved like hitting the cancel button. Also can't reset it unless you turn the ABS back on.
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