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  1. Northwest T Meet?!

    Pacific Northwest Forum
    Anyone aware of any Northwest meets? If not, how many NW members do we have to get one going?
  2. Summer Sale!

    Also interested in nav unit.. will it fit 2011?
  3. Removing Scratches/Bad Paint

    Titan General Discussion
    So my truck keeps getting scratched easier than any other car I've owned. Is the paint on these things just not that good? Best way to remove scratches? Should I invest in having the truck painted with better paint/clear? Anyone else experiencing these issues?
  4. need advice

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    You can only expect mid range speakers to play down to a certain frequency before distortion, even at 45w. The factory stereo has a boosted curve under 120hz, which is fine however with no cutoff - it boosts all the way down to subwoofer levels to compensate. It's going to be hard to find mids...
  5. Black Widow Venom 300 series

    Titan Performance Modifications
    All I did was have my buddy weld the proper flange on my exhaust to fit my headers on... that way the weld was done outside of the truck. Took about 10 min. then bolted right up. Just a thought.
  6. need advice

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    It's $349 on crutchfield I pad 200 at Frys Electronics. It's not simply the EQ band, it's also microphone adjusted active crossover, also has matching color options, works with factory controls oob (2.5mm plugin to harness included), moved factory mic out of the hole, positioned aftermarket mic...
  7. cracked fog lights

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    IMO I get much better results with my Cree LED Bar across the middle of the bottom grille. Can't even notice I don't have the fog lights on or off. Obviously may not be what you need but it looks great and works awesome as well. I have a 20" bar.
  8. Plastidip today

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    Did my front bumper, part rounded edges of emblem, and rims. The stock rims don't look bad at all once they are black. Will post pics later.
  9. Cheapest safe 2wd lift?

    Titan General Discussion
    Any forum members build retrofit headlights if I send em'? Not trying to blind people with HID's and I'd really like them to be black instead of chrome. Might just bake them in the oven and paint.
  10. Cheapest safe 2wd lift?

    Titan General Discussion
    Thanks for the info! My truck is a 2011. Now here is another question... which is the easiest method? Is it easier to shell out the cash and go with a spindle lift? Big difference in the ride quality?
  11. Cheapest safe 2wd lift?

    Titan General Discussion
    because I'm shallow and like when things look nice. Seriously though, I like the way a lift looks... at this moment I don't off road the titan, it's 2wd, not sure how well it'd do. When I off road I use my 4x4 bronco (It's old, beat up, and continues taking a beating) I'd just like a little...
  12. Cheapest safe 2wd lift?

    Titan General Discussion
    Also... I'm new to the 'lifting game' so if I need to shell out 1500 for the lift then I will. Just seeing what options are avail for what I need/want.
  13. Cheapest safe 2wd lift?

    Titan General Discussion
    Not looking to spend a lot of money on a lift, just like the look of the lift. Don't off road or anything like that, I do tow quite a lot of various things though. Looking for 3" of lift or so from stock. Looked into spindles but by the time everything is all said and done I'm looking at...
  14. What did you do to your Titan Today?

    Titan General Discussion
    Plasti-dipped my front bumper with a gun metal grey. Looks real nice and will add some protection. Trying to figure out the best way to protect the trucks paint without plasti-dipping. Thinking of having a shop put on another layer of clear.
  15. High mileage many miles does your truck have??

    Titan General Discussion
    Dear god that is a lot of miles. My 11' only has 35k.... I've got a long way to go
  16. DIY Free Mods

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Is the o2 sensor before or after the secondary cats? I haven't had the chance to look under my truck (just got it) and I'm at work at the moment.. does it have 2 pipes that each go into 2 cats and then goes into a single outlet? how does the delete effect the ECU / CEL??
  17. DIY Free Mods

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Can we simply remove the rear cats? Or do we have to have them? Where does the secondary downstream o2 sensor go after cat removal? Mine is a 2011 2wd
  18. 2011 SV 2WD Common Problems

    Titan General Discussion
    Is this simply so we don't have to replace seals as often? Or am I missing something? It looks simple enough but I'm trying to get an idea of how/why it's important. The thread you linked me to has all sorts of info so I'll keep reading up on it. It's a matter of getting everything past the...
  19. 2011 SV 2WD Common Problems

    Titan General Discussion
    When the time comes this is one of those things I'll probably go aftermarket with. Thanks for the heads up!
  20. 2011 SV 2WD Common Problems

    Titan General Discussion
    The one I purchased last night had a hose inlet on the tube but not spot for the giant MAF... that's why I was asking. I ended up just getting a reusable K&N flat filter for the stock location. Perhaps I need to find a new kit instead of what orielly's has hah
1-20 of 25 Results