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  1. Hit by drunk driver last night

    Titan General Discussion
    Nevermind..... I found my answer. That sucks man. Sorry you had to go thru that, I would of shot the mofo.....
  2. the most terrifying and realistic video ever posted, must see....

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Ill be damned if China comes and invades the US. And as a US Marine, Id do everything in my power to pop those chinese pimples!
  3. Glad I'm in the Military!!!

    Off-Topic Discussion
    LOL naw, not to brag but Im definitely essential
  4. Glad I'm in the Military!!!

    Off-Topic Discussion
    I dont mind serving a little bit without pay. Cause for one, I didnt join for the money and two, I am sure once they get more funds available, they will back pay us
  5. Free glassworks bedsides

    Damn Im in yuma AZ
  6. Finally Received ma Dynomax Bullets

    Titan Performance Modifications
    Im doing the same soon, what x-pipe is that?
  7. The news tonight said gas to reach $5.00 by the end of 2012 would you keep your Titan

    Titan General Discussion
    Hmmmm my truck sucks gas from the base faster than I pound beers haha You have that problem?
  8. Custom Prerunner Bumpers

    Dammit, good offers come up when I got no money:bump:
  9. "Prerunner" Titan's

    Titan Suspension
    That Titan is sickkkkk Is there anything stock on that titan? lol And why is it right hand drive instead of left??:huh:
  10. Best Wiper Blades??

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    LOL it only rains like once a decade here. Hey, you were at a stoplight at 4th ave and 32nd in front of national bank of arizona like 2 or 3 days ago? Someone in a titan that looks exactly like yours honked and waved at me haha
  11. Jim Wolf S7/S2 Cam Video Update

    Titan Performance Modifications
    I bet that thing pulls like a raped ape
  12. Sub Test Songs!!!

    Titan Visual & Audio Discussion
    Da blow - lil jon & the eastside boys
  13. 4.56 and TT install

    Titan Engine, Transmission & Drivetrain
    Theres a place in Phoenix. I think its called arizona differential. Some members have gotten complete rear diffs swapped there. Hopefully someone can confirm the name
  14. ship out date....

    Titan General Discussion
    Really? Thats pretty cool actually. Did you go to Jubuti? ( I think I spelled it right ) thats the only base I know of thats out there, Im sure there are others though. I trying to get deployed but its easier to get to the sun than deploy with my MOS haha How was that deployment?
  15. ship out date....

    Titan General Discussion
    Hmmmm I think it MIGHT be in Pensacola where most aviation jobs are at but I know there are a few MOS's that are in alabama By the way.....HM never visited me like he said he would, hes probly gonna give you a silver bullet haha
  16. ship out date....

    Titan General Discussion
    MCRD San Diego, California......Just for a 3 month vacation :teeth:
  17. at MEPs waiting to pick a job

    Titan General Discussion
    Really? He was a Marine? Well, to tell you the truth, I hate it and love it here cause I was born and raised here and I really wanna go on a deployment and I cant, Sucks but its awesome cause Im home and still got all my buddies soooooo....... eh, I try to make the best of it. Where you at? San...
  18. at MEPs waiting to pick a job

    Titan General Discussion
    That is my dream MOS, now Im trying to get MSG since I didnt get 0311
  19. TSA's Theme Song......

    Off-Topic Discussion
    Yeah, like we would have anything to do attack right? Especially you, you came back from fighting a war and they make you do that, thats BS.
1-20 of 457 Results