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  1. Replaced rack and pinion bushings with red poly pro comp bushings

    Titan Suspension
    Reviving this thread again.... So I ordered the bushing kit from Summit. Realized tonight it doesn't come with a replacement for that large rubber piece off to the passenger side of the rack. Is there a part number to replace that as well? My google-fu has been pretty worthless on this so...
  2. Battery suggestions.........

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Ah, the Gold battery from AutoZone is good. I don't see much point in any gel cell unless your offroading. Maybe or racing. Anyways, the reques per battery was from an Oolldd post. I just brought this thread back to life to hit on a dumb question which slightly related, rather than starting a...
  3. Battery suggestions.........

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Bringing this back from the dead. I have the 24F-DLG and thanks to a parasitic drain, my battery is DEAD. Its only 6 months old, but I was out of commission for a week recovering from surgery and the battery was completely dead (had to use my key to unlock the door). I have a Diehard Gold...
  4. H.I.D's & L.E.D's **NIB**

    re: H.I.D's & L.E.D's **NIB** Thx for letting me swing by today JB. After I take care of that stuff we talked about tomorrow I'm gonna try to throw in those new bulbs. Also let you know how things turn out with soldering up the spliced wires for the led/ccfl/switchbacks. Btw what was that...
  5. New hitch failure, another one!

    Titan Towing & Hauling
    Those 4 dinky *** welds are all that holds that thing in?? Please tell me its ATLEAST fully welded around the tube, on the back side of that plate? As well as some sort of additional reinforcement on the backside, not shown in the pic?? That's dangerous. Wow.
  6. Any Calgunners in here?

    South Western Forum
    I read the forums sometimes, but don't recall if I ever signed up? :D It's been a while since I was there. Should start reading them to get more info on all the bs gun bans the gov is trying to push.
  7. is there a write up on how to replace the front bumper end caps?

    Titan General Discussion
    Lol Pretty much what he said ^^. When I was changing out my headlights I noticed they are mostly push clips on those corners. Had my driver side corner replaced a few years ago when my coworkers' daughter had backed into my truck (parked at his house, carpoooling). Damn body shop didn't replace...
  8. How to: Spyder Projectors + High Beam HIDs

    Electrical & Wiring
    Yeah - I wired the LEDs & the CCFLs together, then spliced that into the "always on" wire going to the blinker so it all lights up solid when I flip on the lights. I think the corner lights are 22 LEDs? I got them from JB. (
  9. H.I.D's & L.E.D's **NIB**

    re: H.I.D's & L.E.D's **NIB** What a **** storm. I prefer to support small business'. They can typically get you some of the better prices, tho not always, sometimes "same price" or +/- a few bucks, but that's ok. Your supporting somebody who's tryin to do somethin different and start...
  10. How to: Spyder Projectors + High Beam HIDs

    Electrical & Wiring
    WARNING: Doing this will give Spyder the excuse they need to void your warranty, should you ever need to RMA the headlights. This is not for everybody. You may prefer to find another route to get HIDs in your high beams. The H1 HID isn't just longer than the H1 Halogen, but it is also larger...
  11. H.I.D's & L.E.D's **NIB**

    re: H.I.D's & L.E.D's **NIB** Mine are amber & flash white. Honestly, I prefer it that way.
  12. Toolbox and pissed off

    Titan General Discussion
    Agree. I had to flip my rails when I installed the BakFlip tonneau cover. Not sure if that's still required to make them fit anymore, but this was ~ 05-06. I used torx bit, 1/2 ratchet & an extension. Bolts had Blue LocTite. Was a serious PITA & I stripped the heads on two or three of them...
  13. aftermarket center console?

    Titan Interior Discussion
    Went this route. Had a stereo shop build a custom box. Big mistake for me. Box wasn't up to par. No more comfortable arm rest. After putting up with it for a few years, I just decided to be done with that box. So out it went. Puttin stuff back to stock. Supposed to be picking up the center...
  14. H.I.D's & L.E.D's **NIB**

    re: H.I.D's & L.E.D's **NIB** Lmao @ duct tape. I didn't think it was going to happen. Haha So JB - now your heading back to the southwest, when did you want to hold that Titan meet for those of us in So Cal that aren't by the border that you were talkin about :D Maybe we can do like a work...
  15. NISMO Burgers Well Done!

    Titan Parts & Accessories
    Right on dude that looks real good!
  16. H.I.D's & L.E.D's **NIB**

    re: H.I.D's & L.E.D's **NIB** Nah, I already had the truck fired up & AC goin.... I think the panic button sets off the alarm rather than the horn once you go aftermarket? Ntm, the remote supposedly reaches a 1/4 mile or something. Tho the Titan parked next to me used his panic button...
  17. H.I.D's & L.E.D's **NIB**

    re: H.I.D's & L.E.D's **NIB** +1 for LED license plate lights!!! Helped me find my truck in the parking lot tonight after the Toby Keith concert!! Lighting was sparse in the lot... Remote start, then hunt for the lights! :D Not many have Bright White lights on their plates! Much easier than...
  18. NSFW!! Dirty pics!!

    Titan Interior Discussion
    Yes. Front & rear + the $30 for the center bench-console, brought the total with taxes & shipped to my door $452. Price may vary for cc vs KC, but I don't think so.
  19. NSFW!! Dirty pics!!

    Titan Interior Discussion
    $452 after taxes. was an extra $30 charge for the 'center' seat/console wrap. That's gonna be interesting to see how it turns out.... This actually wraps the full console... I was expecting 2 "sheets" of fabric, 1 for the seat "back" & 1 for the lid (or even, none for the lid). I'll update when...
  20. NSFW!! Dirty pics!!

    Titan Interior Discussion
    The head rest looks ok. The lines are slightly off, which I think is what is causing the lumpiness down the edges. The wrap around the edges of the seat bottoms leaves it looking pretty baggy, but I don't think there is any way around that with seat coves. Maybe there was a way to go up and...
1-20 of 153 Results