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  1. My Titan has been replaced....:)

    Titan General Discussion
    I drove a sport six speed the same color. I loved the car. I was gonna trade my camaro for it. I ahvent yet but probably will in the future. It is a great car for the money.
  2. Saw a Ford Raptor yesterday

    Titan General Discussion
    I am shoppping for a truck and I will probably replace my nissan with a raptor. The 6.2 engine will make the raptor a pretty special truck. 411 hp and 434 torque should mkae it run well. The suspension off road is fantastic. The wider fenders allow it to have wheel travel without having to...
  3. 2011 5.6l in infiniti m45 is DIG 420hp

    Titan General Discussion
    Yes that would be very competitive with everyones new engines like the 6.2 GM and Ford engines and the Toyota
  4. Which 04 owners still have factory battery ?

    Titan General Discussion
    I still have the original battery at 105K
  5. TitanTalk 2004 members

    Titan General Discussion
    I still have my 2004 Titan at 99900 miles. It has been great!
  6. Drag racing how-to, hints, and tricks thread

    Titan Performance Modifications
    by the way this is very good info. Anyone will benefit especially if they have not raced before. I do race my 97 camaro through the season ET bracket racing in mostly stock form but all vehicles are a little different and it is great to get info from people that have raced the vehicles.
  7. How fast are the NEW Silverado's compared to Titan??

    Titan General Discussion
    I use my truck for work and work with people that use their trucks hard like farmers and construction workers. Hardly any of them dont use 1/2 tons for work trucks. But most do care how much power they have. My Titan has done me a great job and the Tundra looks to have improved on some of the...
  8. How fast are the NEW Silverado's compared to Titan??

    Titan General Discussion
    We have known for a long time that the Titan's power is underrated. It makes more power than claimed. That is not bad. The new Silverado's have good power but have a lot of Torque management put into them which hurts their performance. Titan's do have an efficient drivetrain but 92% is just...
  9. How Many Miles do ya got?

    Titan General Discussion
    I have 95K+ on my 04 and it has been a great truck. I have replaced the brake pads and replaced one set of tires. I change the fluids regularly and I have had no problems with the truck. I tow heavy loads regularly often pushing the max tow capacity and I have had no problems with the engine...
  10. 2004 Titan with the least amount of miles....

    Titan General Discussion
    I bought mine in 02/04 and it has 95,340 miles. I use it for work and tow and haul a lot. It has been a great truck. 04SE4X4 Offroad
  11. How Many Miles do ya got?

    Titan General Discussion
    I purchased mine in Feb 04 and just turned 90000 miles. I replaced the front pads and that is all I have done but general maintenence. I am replacing a warped rear brake rotor now. I tow a lot and have been very pleased with my truck. 04 SE4X4
  12. TitanTalk 2004 members

    Titan General Discussion
    I still have my 04 Titan 85K miles later. I got mine in Feb 04. 04KC 4X4
  13. service engine light

    Titan Problems & Dealer Service
    How can I reset the service engine light? I put on a CAI and started the engine without the MAF plugged in all the way. I fixed the problem but the service engine light still stays on. I disconnected the battery but that didn't help. 04 Titan SE OR 4X4
  14. Premium Fuel won't necessarily get you more power

    Titan General Discussion
    Miketan is correct. Compression ratio is not the only thing that requires higher octane. Increased timing can have the same effect. Newer vehicles can increase their timing to work with those fuels. Premium costs more but it can increase your fuel mileage too. I have 77K on my truck and...
  15. 2007 Engine Ratings

    Titan General Discussion
    some time ago a poster on here used a scanner to see if there was any added timing with WOT by using premium fuel. He found none when he used just one tank. He then used premium for three tanks and found that the timing was indeed being advanced more than what it was doing with 87 octane fuel...
  16. Bridge Stone Dueler Revo A/Ts

    Titan General Discussion
    The revo's are great tires. I wanted them but couldn't find a size close to what I needed. The new Goodyear Wranglers with the Silent Armor technolgy have done a great job for me. I am really impressed with them. I have over 25K on them and they are holding up great. Traction and noise have...
  17. For anyone interested in trying E85...

    Titan General Discussion
    It takes more E85 to get the same amount of power than it does regular unleaded. There needs to be at least 25% difference in price to gain much. 04 Titan
  18. Nissan Diesel

    Titan General Discussion
    A heavy diesel engine will change the handling of our trucks a lot. It is true that you can make a diesel run fast in a straight line but it takes a bit to get them going. I have all diesels in my company and the Titan stock is quicker than any of the new diesels stock. It is expensive to...
  19. Anyone race a F250 or any Heavy duty truck?

    War Stories
    Last weekend I was racing my SS camaro and there was a Dodge cummins that ran 12.95. It was awsome. He says he has only $3000 in the motor and $4000 in the trans. I'm sure he has a lot of other bolt ons too.
  20. Premium fuel vs. regular fuel

    Titan General Discussion
    There may be many factors involved. It may be that the more aggressive you drive or the more you tow the more you will see an advantage. It seems that some people feel that premium gives better mpg. 91 is only 10 cents more than 87 here. That's about 3.8% difference. That's about .5 mpg...
1-20 of 173 Results